Here it all begins: victim of a terrible blackmail, will Anaïs lose everything? [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Here it all begins: victim of a terrible blackmail, will Anaïs lose everything? [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episodes of “Here everything begins” on TF1, Julien Moriers, the client of Double A who harasses Anaïs, will blackmail the young student by threatening to reveal the truth to Enzo about his affair with Lisandro.

The secret relationship that Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) maintains with Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) will she end up turning against her in the next episodes of Here it all begins?

After gradually getting closer, the second year student and the room teacher of the Auguste Armand institute finally let their feelings speak and began a love story last week in the daily TF1 soap opera. A relationship that they tried to keep secret, despite the suspicions of Charlene and Enzo, but which could soon come to light because of Julien Moriers.

Forced by the police to keep his distance from Anaïs, at the risk of ending up in prison and having to pay a fine of 15,000 euros, the Double A client will go against his removal order and will continue to to show a certain obsession for the young woman.

In a new clip from Here it all begins unveiled in preview by the channel, Moriers, who witnessed a kiss between Anaïs and Lisandro, meets Anaïs and makes him understand that he knows that she is cheating on Enzo (Azize Diabate) with Inesta.

“You are both having sex, right?”, Julien Moriers launches to Anaïs in a threatening tone. “I wasn’t wrong. You really are a beautiful bitch. Do you think he’ll react how your boyfriend finds out?”. Anaïs begs him not to tell Enzo about it and assures her that she will call the police. But this does not scare Moriers, who knows what the aspiring chef risks if the truth ends up being known within the school.

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“Call, and you will explain to them that you have a relationship with your teacher”, continues Moriers. “They will talk to your principal. By tonight everyone will know.”. Knowing that Anaïs will certainly not take the risk of shattering her whole life, the client who had attacked her in full service a few months ago then decides to turn the situation to her advantage and exercise an odious blackmail on the young woman.

“You can also withdraw your complaint. You withdraw your complaint, I get my life back, and you yours. Everyone is happy. I’ll leave you until tonight”. Aware that she would make Enzo suffer, and that she and Lisandro would undoubtedly lose their place within the institute, Anaïs then decides to give in to Moriers’ blackmail and goes to the gendarmerie to withdraw her complaint. But, informed, Lisandro will launch in pursuit of her to change her mind. Will he succeed?

And, if so, will Moriers follow through with his threats and end up confessing to Enzo that his girlfriend has been cheating on him for several days with their classroom teacher, for whom she has real feelings? Answer in the next episodes of Here it all starts on TF1 and Salto.

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