Here it all begins: to bring down Simony, Clotilde reveals her terrible secret – News …

What happened between Clotilde and Fabien Simony? In the next episodes of “Here everything begins”, the character played by Elsa Lunghini will finally reveal to have been also attacked by the chief, like Deva and Celia.

Please note, this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

After having multiplied the inappropriate gestures towards Deva (Kathy Packianathan), the “monster” Simony will again show his true face tonight in Here it all begins by attacking Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) during a private lesson.

A trauma that the young woman, victim of discomfort in the seconds that follow, will first hide before the memories eventually come to the surface and that she tells in tomorrow’s episode, already available on Salto, which happened to him in Jérémy (Pierre Hurel). Confirming the suspicions of the latter, who had been suspicious for several days of the behavior of Chief Simony (Xavier Lafitte) with some of his students.

According to the site Newsactual, Célia will then tell Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) the details of her assault, while insisting on the fact that she refuses to file a complaint against Simony, for fear that this whole story will spread. Summoned by Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) and Myriel, Fabien Simony will obviously deny the facts, claiming that Célia is simply seeking revenge for having been excluded from the masterclass.

Faced with this situation, the teaching staff will meet and Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) will propose to fire Simony. But Teyssier will point out to him that Simony could sue the school for libel if they have no evidence against him. After all, it’s Celia’s word against the boss’s.

And that’s when Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini), who had a very strange reaction when she saw Olivia’s ex-husband (Virginie Caliari) arrive at the institute ten days ago, will finally pass. confessions in the next episodes of Here everything begins to help Celia and prevent Deva from having to speak in turn.

Here it all begins: to bring down simony, clotilde reveals her terrible secret - news...
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Chef Armand will indeed reveal to Teyssier, her husband, and her colleagues that she can bring a new testimony that could be useful to them: hers. Because when Jérémy was two years old, Clotilde lived in London with Guillaume and worked with Fabien Simony. A collaboration that did not last very long since Clotilde had ended up resigning suddenly, claiming that she wanted to return to France so that Jérémy could grow up near Augustus, his grandfather.

But in reality, the reasons for his resignation were quite different. While in London, Clotilde had also been assaulted by Simony, who had pressed her against a wall in the kitchens of the restaurant where they worked and had started kissing and touching her.

As if paralyzed, Clotilde could no longer move. But she still managed to grab a knife and stab it in the shoulder of her attacker before fleeing. And to silence this traumatic event for years. Till today.

Will the freedom of the women of the Auguste Armand institute to speak out, and the momentum of sorority that could well develop between them when they face their attacker, will they be enough to put an end to Simony’s actions? Or will the renowned chef make other victims before the end of this narrative arc devoted to sexual harassment in the kitchen?

Answer in the continuation of Here it all starts on TF1. But what is certain is that this important intrigue has not finished surprising us given that the Auguste Armand Institute will soon be upset by a new tragic event.

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