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TF1 is broadcasting this Saturday, January 7 at 4:10 p.m. the documentary “Here it all begins: the secrets of a success”. In this report full of anecdotes, we learn in particular that Aurélie Pons almost never made it to the cast of the series…

Saturday January 7, 2023, TF1 offers fans of Here everything begins to follow the unpublished documentary “Here everything begins: the secrets of a success” from 4:10 p.m. And as its name suggests, the program will take viewers behind the scenes of the soap opera currently in its season 3 on the front page…

A unique documentary

In this provided report, the actors and the teams of the series return to the phenomenon that the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us represents and many crisp anecdotes are revealed to the public! For example, did you know that one of the stars of fiction had totally missed his first casting?

Peggy Pasquerault, the casting director of Here it all begins, testifies and thus remembers the audition passed by Aurélie Pons to obtain the role of Salomé. A meeting that had turned into a disaster for the young woman!

At the time, the budding actress had just returned from a photo shoot in Barcelona. She had never been on a film set before. Peggy Pasquerault was completely under the spell of Aurélie Pons and hoped very strongly that her tests would confirm her presentiment about her…

Aurélie Pons almost failed

Except that the main interested party had not prepared this casting well… Aurélie Pons admits: “I didn’t know my text very well, I was very stressed“. Shortcomings immediately perceived by the director who, usually, cut short the audition in the face of a failed performance… But not this time.

Frustrated to find that the one she was banking on was not ready, Peggy Pasquerault granted Aurélie Pons the huge favor of leaving and coming back later, once she was at her full potential: “I thought it was a waste and that we were going to miss it“, confides the professional.

Aware of her incredible luck, Aurélie Pons therefore worked enormously on her subsequent trials… and it paid off! She then won hands down the score of Salomé. This anecdote, and others, can be discovered in the documentary “Here it all begins: the secrets of success”, broadcast on TF1 on Saturday January 7 at 4:10 p.m.

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