Here it all begins: “They love each other, they tear each other apart, that’s part of the recipe…

Is the Greliott couple in danger in “Here it all begins”? Jealous of Marius, Eliott decides to take a break with Greg. Mikaël Mittelstadt returns for us to this unexpected announcement and to the crisis that the couple is going through during the summer ark.

The most popular coupleHere it all starts will he bear the brunt of the strange events that occur at the Beaumont Hotel, where the final of the National Pastry Championship takes place?

While Greg (Mikael Mittelstadt) and Marius (Damas Roy) have been facing threats for a few days from a crow determined to play with them, Eliott (Nicholas Anselmo) struggles to hide the jealousy aroused in him by the complicity found between his boyfriend and the latter’s childhood friend. And the situation will not take long to reach its climax.

In the episode of the daily culinary soap opera broadcast this evening on TF1, and already available on Salto, Eliott will indeed take a drastic decision which should not fail to worry fans of the Greliott couple.

Exasperated by Greg’s secrets, who is very distant and spends more and more time with Marius, Eliott confronts his boyfriend and asks him frankly if he is cheating on him. Before telling him that he wants to take a break.

“We discussed Eliott’s decision a lot with Nicolas when shooting this sequence”explained Mikaël Mittelstadt to us duringa recent interview about the summer arch of Here it all begins. “We laughed at it and said ‘Come on, another break’. They love each other, they tear each other apart, that’s how it is. It’s part of the Greliott recipe. But there hadn’t been a break yet. impulsive so far”.

“Before, it was quite thoughtful, there was a discussion. “It can’t work, you can’t be happy without sex”, that kind of thing. But there, we wanted to get something another. Emotion, jealousy prevails. And suddenly Eliott can only follow the passion of emotion, so he decides to take a break with Greg “.

“As for Greg, he was in a rush at the time because he was looking for chef Matret, and he didn’t know how to react”continues the interpreter of Greg Delobel. “I even think he’s kicking the wall. He doesn’t know, even physically. But it’s like in everyday life: sometimes we say things that we don’t mean. And we react under the influence of emotion. We are no longer in control of what we say or what we do. That was what we were looking for. Afterwards, what will it lead to? Next? We’ll see”.

“Greg accepted Eliott’s asexuality”

Don’t panic, however: everything suggests that this break in Greg and Eliott’s relationship will not last and will end as soon as Eliott understands what the man he loves is going through because of the crow and the disappearance. of Alban.

But where the summer plot of Here everything begins is particularly interesting vis-à-vis Greliott is in the sense that, through the arrival of Marius, it brings up the question of the asexuality of ‘Eliott within the couple.

Some fans have also recently expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks with the treatment by the screenwriters of the asexuality of the character of Nicolas Anselmo, believing that Greg is sometimes at the limit of wanting to force Eliott to have intimate relations with him. , or that Eliott feels compelled to do so because of such and such a situation.

For Mikaël Mittelstadt, there is no doubt: Greg has accepted the asexuality of his boyfriend. And this new plot of Here it all begins is rather intended to show that, from now on, Greg has reached a stage where he must manage his impulses and learn to maintain the flame.

Here it all begins They love each other they tear

“I really think that Greg has accepted Eliott’s asexuality. He often says it: he loves it and he’s done with it. But I think it goes back to this idea of ​​emotional, or animal drive”confides Mikaël Mittelstadt to our microphone. “There’s always this dichotomy that’s created between ‘Greg, you know it can’t work’ and ‘Yes, but I want to’. So I feel like with this arch we’re just digging into the twists and turns of the couple”.

“At the beginning, a relationship is always very beautiful, very nice, and after a while you have to keep the flame alive. And I think that’s what the authors wanted to touch through this plot. We have past the stage of “asexuality, I can’t. Greg does with it. But the next step is “I have to manage my animal sexual drive, my desire, in relation to the love I feel for my guy because he can’t, and I know it”.

And when asked if he thinks that the writers of Here it all begins will one day “really” dare to separate Greg and Eliott, on pain of death threats from the fanbase of the series and the couple, Mikaël Mittelstadt replies, not without humour: “I think they receive death threats no matter what (laughs). But a separation, I don’t know. It would really have to bring something very important behind it. In any case, I know that for the moment it is not planned”.

This should reassure Greliott fans: whatever happens in the coming weeks at the Beaumont Hotel and the Auguste Armand Institute, their favorite couple still has a bright future ahead of them.

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