Here it all begins: “There will be no going back between Claire and Louis”…

While Claire has finally extricated herself from the grip of her son in “Here everything begins”, Catherine Marchal evokes on our microphone the tensions that will arise between the chef Guinot and Louis. And the possibility of a backfire with Olivia.

Allocinated: Here it all starts will soon celebrate its two years. What is your best filming memory?

Catherine Marchal : There are a lot of things that I liked but the memory that is really very present today is the day when I shot my first sequence. It was a day when I was in my chef costume. It was very impressive to put on this work coat.

I found myself in this sublime kitchen setting giving a speech to a dozen students. It was very emotional because when I spoke my first words, I saw the eyes of these actors / students who looked at me with great respect. That’s when I said to myself “I am that character”.

How do you view Claire’s development?

I like it more and more and I like playing it more and more because it has taken on a lot of different colors. We started with a character that was a little rigid, a little classic, a little submissive to her son and a little in denial. Little by little, we are moving towards a character who has a sense of humor, who has more character, who dares to confront people, who dares to say what she thinks and who dares to take radical decisions.

As a result, it’s much more interesting to play someone strong, even sometimes violent in their words, rather than someone weak and submissive. Claire’s evolution pleases me enormously and the moments of humor that exist more and more are very pleasant to play.

Claire has decided to put an end to Louis’ hold (Fabian Wolfrom) by kicking him out of her house. Is it really a page that turns in this complex relationship or will she let herself be coaxed by Louis?

Claire opened her eyes to her son through the relationship she had with Olivia. I think that this course having passed, there will be no going back. It’s all ingrained in them now. I think that in the future their reports will take this break into account. This will be decisive for the future.

Louis has landed a professorship at the institute, which does not please Claire at all, who would obviously have preferred to distance herself from him. Should we expect an open war between them in the corridors of the institute?

Claire definitely no longer wants to be in confrontation with her son and wants to put her energy elsewhere. She would like not to have contact with him or even cut ties completely. For his part, I think his way of not cutting the cord is to provoke his mother. And so that’s what Louis is going to do.

Here it all begins There will be no going back

Claire and Olivia (Virginie Caliari) have come very close lately. Is a future still possible between them? Can they get back together?

That’s what we ask ourselves with Virginie Caliari (laughs). It’s true that between the very violent breakup and the friendly rapprochement that took place almost immediately, Olivia was nice enough not to hold it against Claire. She is a character who is very important to Claire because she is her confidante and her support. It is true that they were very good friends before falling in love and that they continue to be friends.

As it’s a couple who really liked, I know that the public expects something each time we have a little complicity on the screen. There is something and there always will be something. Will the couple become official again? We will see it later.

It’s true that the relationship between Claire and Olivia was important, because she explored the discovery of homosexuality at age 50, which is rarely mentioned in fiction. And yet this love story was quickly evacuated, while many things could have been told…

I was quite surprised that the couple lasted so little time, it’s true. I think that, thereafter, there will be an exploitation of this early rupture which will perhaps rebound. They will have to talk about it at some point because they have never done so.

Could another character come into Claire’s life? Is another love story planned for your character?

For the moment no. I’m not very spoiled in terms of lovers (laughs). They can’t find any for me, maybe there aren’t any candidates, or they don’t want to (laughs).

It’s true that I’m not the character who has had the most relationships in the series. The writers leave me single. I think Claire is the celibate character of the show, a hardened celibate who values ​​her independence and her freedom very much.

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In general, what awaits Claire in the next episodes?

The fact that Louis stayed at the institute will inevitably create tensions. Claire won’t be able to ignore or avoid him forever. I think we will therefore fall back on new tensions between Louis and his mother. That’s going to be next for now.

A new promotion of students has entered the institute. Did you shoot any scenes with them?

Yes, because Claire has started back to school. It’s funny because the new actors are the new students. It gets confused a bit. So, you have to put them in the mood. But it’s okay, they get there pretty quickly. All the actors who arrive have already seen the series, unlike those who were there at the start. They immediately understand how it happens and immediately put themselves in the characters.

Do you have other projects apart from Here everything begins that you can tell us about?

I will turn Murders in Béarn with Isabel Otero for France 3. We start filming on September 25th. So I’m leaving Here everything begins for four weeks.