Here it all begins: “There will be a transfer between Rose and Jasmine” reveals Vanessa Demouy …

Met at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, Vanessa Demouy tells us more about what awaits Rose in the next episodes of Here it all begins, between the revelation of the identity of Naël’s mother and her strong bond with Jasmine .

Here it all begins: "there will be a transfer between rose and jasmine" reveals vanessa demouy...
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AlloCiné: Here everything begins will celebrate its first anniversary in early November on TF1. What conclusions do you draw from this first year of filming?

Vanessa Demouy : It’s been a crazy year. Where everything went very quickly. Between the moment the series was announced and the moment it was broadcast, all of a sudden there was a kind of enthusiasm. We said to ourselves “Let’s not get carried away, if that happens it’s just a flash in the pan”. And then, the better it went, the more people were there, the more loyal they were, and the more new viewers there were.

And the feedback we have is just crazy, kind and benevolent. While the themes discussed are not neutral. Just like the characters are not neutral. And it was so well received. I think people needed this. The show came at the right time, it was the right timing.

It is true that the strength of the series, which we see thanks to the audiences and market share, is that it speaks to all audiences, which is not so often …

It’s a real intergenerational series, it’s true. And it’s a real family series, which the whole family can watch together. Even if there are disturbing themes, even if the parents are not always very comfortable. This makes it possible to say things and to open a debate within families. The young people thank us, the parents too. It’s only positive.

Rose and Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) have gone through a big storm this year, following Rose’s infidelity with Lisandro (Agustin Galiana). But they ended up meeting again. Was it important for you that the writers preserve despite everything this couple that the public loves so much?

Sure. And at the same time it was good that we did not present an absolutely idyllic couple, without roughness. What is also interesting in this kind of series is to show that if you want, you can. And that we can get over it if we decide to work for. We can be wrong, and we can regret. Talk about it and try to get up.

Here it all begins: "there will be a transfer between rose and jasmine" reveals vanessa demouy...
Cecile Mella / ITC / TF1

At the moment, the intrigue around Naël involves your character enormously, since this baby abandoned by his mother brings out in Rose her past wounds and her desire for motherhood. How did you approach this new narrative arch?

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It’s a plot that really fits in with the continuity of Rose’s character. I wear this aspect of her personality in all plots, at all times when I play Rose. With such a character, with whom we have lived for so long, we cannot forget what happened before. These are layers that overlap. Sometimes, at the bend of a word, we will use what the character experienced months or years ago. Rose is nourished by all the experiences she has had.

What is interesting with the intrigue around Naël is that today we have in front of us a Rose who is much more mature, much more centered, much more calm. She knows what she wants, whereas for a very long time she only knew what she no longer wanted. We are working closely with the authors on the evolution of Rose and I am very happy about it.

When we follow this plot, we inevitably want Rose to adopt Naël, because we know how much her desire for motherhood may have made her suffer in the past. But, in the end, Rose decided not to go this route and gave up on a possible adoption. Do you understand his choice?

Completely. It is a mature Rose who puts the interests of the child before his desires. And she knows that Naël’s interest is not to be with her. From the start, Rose has had a very strong interest in the mother. An interest that people find it hard to understand.

Rose is in need of motherhood, but she still feels like a mother. Even though Tess has not lived, she has the feeling of having been a mother, she has projected herself. And his quest is to find this mother, to be sure that abandoning Naël was really a choice. She wants to make sure that this mother and this child can grow up together if possible. She will do everything to. And obviously the identity of the mother will soon come to light.

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Should we expect a very surprising revelation, despite the tracks that seem to have already been sketched out, like those of Deva or Jasmine?

There are tracks everywhere, that’s for sure (laughs). But I won’t tell you anything. In any case, I love to read the reactions and comments of viewers on this plot. They all think they have guessed the identity of Naël’s mother, it’s funny.

Would you still like Rose and Antoine to be able to start a family one day?

Rose will be a mother or she will not be. Anyway, she has to live with it. With the death of Tess and her desire for motherhood. But there is still Souleymane (Dembo Camilo). With whom she has forged a very nice relationship. And then, what happiness for Rose, who has this need to mother and take care of, to be surrounded by all these students at the institute. In a way, they are all his children (laughs). She can devote herself body and soul to all their little worries, it is happiness.

Here it all begins: "there will be a transfer between rose and jasmine" reveals vanessa demouy...
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In parallel with the intrigue on Naël, Rose will also try to help Jasmine, one of the new students of the institute. What can you say about what awaits us in the next episodes?

Rose will obviously try to help Jasmine, it’s true, because, for reasons that we will discover very quickly, there will be a real transfer between Rose and Jasmine. A transfer from Rose to Jasmine, and from Jasmine to Rose. Jasmine is a very beautiful character, and Zoï Severin is a very beautiful actress. She is amazing. But anyway we have a very nice cast, all of our young actors are great.

Exactly, what is your view on this troupe of young actors with whom you have been working, for some, for a year now?

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A lot of benevolence. It is very moving to see young artists hatch and grow. This is also what is beautiful in this kind of adventure. It is an artistic adventure, but also a human one. They could all be my children. Besides, Zoï calls me “mom” on the set, which makes everyone laugh (laughs).

Have you seen Clément Rémiens to start on Tomorrow belongs to us. We imagine that it must be touching for you to see him emerge even more in Here everything begins …

Of course, it’s great to see it emerge, emancipate itself, take a stand. And what a nice person.

We know you love to cook. Do you hope Rose ends up having a little more cooking in the show?

The problem is, Rose is a quiche in the kitchen, really (laughs). It could evolve, of course, but I think it’s a reaction to his father. I think she made a real rejection, you don’t have to have been a shrink to understand it. But, at the same time, she knows the kitchen. When we were brought up by a father like Auguste Armand and we are also bad at cooking, it is because there is a desire to be zero (laughs). So, yes, I think it can evolve. We’ll see.

A return of Rose in Tomorrow belongs to us, as an event, as was the case for Clément Rémiens on the occasion of the 1000th episode, is it on the agenda?

It is always possible, but at the level of the organization of the schedules of the two series, it is quite complicated to set up, we do not shoot side by side. But anything is possible. Maybe for a little nod to the 2000th episode (laughs).

Do you have other projects in parallel with the series? Can we hope to see you again at the theater soon?

I am still very taken by Here everything begins. But it’s always possible to work on another fiction project if it’s planned well in advance. On the other hand, going back on stage, it will be very complicated because it requires stopping for three or four months. We will see, because the scene is something that I love and that I will love all my life. But at the moment this is not possible.

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