Here it all begins: Theo and Marta are they really going to have a baby?

While Théo (Khaled Alouach) continues to get closer to Célia in “Here it all begins”, will Marta (Sarah Fitri) convince her boyfriend to follow her in her baby project? Discover the answer in a spoiler extract unveiled by TF1.

Here it all begins: theo and marta are they really going to have a baby?

After Naël, will the Auguste Armand Institute really welcome a new baby soon? Not sure if we are to believe a new excerpt from Here it all begins unveiled by TF1.

For a few episodes now, Théo (Khaled Alouach) and Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) have started to get dangerously close. So much so that Celia went so far as to offer her new crush to make love in order to evacuate the sexual tension that existed between them. A suggestion that did not really please Marta (Sarah Fitri), who was quick to summon her rival to stay away from her boyfriend.

Certainly feeling Theo moving away from her, Marta made a big decision in the episode of Here it all begins broadcast on Friday on TF1 and let the young head of Double A know that she wanted to have a child with him. A piece of news that will obviously confuse Theo who, in tonight’s episode, which will offer a nice surprise to Teyssier fans, will cross the yellow line and will end up sleeping with Célia, unable to resist the attraction he feel for her.

Only, at the same time, Marta, who knows nothing of what happened between Théo and Célia, is not going to let go of her baby project, quite the contrary. According to the website Newsactualthe young woman will indeed make an appointment with a specialist in in vitro fertilization and will explain to Théo and Charlène (Pola Petrenko) that she prefers to take the lead since she knows that she has little chance of conceiving a child naturally because of his endometriosis.

And if Theo isn’t jumping for joy at the idea of ​​becoming a father, he isn’t going to dare tell Marta concretely that it’s all rushed. At first anyway. But Charlène will sense her brother’s reluctance and will try to get him to say that the real problem in this story is his recent crush on Célia.

Here it all begins: theo and marta are they really going to have a baby?

Yet, in an excerpt from the next episodes of Here it all begins unveiled this morning on MyTF1Théo finally takes his courage in both hands and admits to Marta, in the kitchens of Double A, that he has the feeling that this baby project is “a big step”. And while the young woman says she is ready to give him time to get used to the idea, Theo knows full well that his girlfriend thinks she is running out of time because of her illness.

“It’s true that it stresses me out to wait, but I can do it”admits Marta. “If you prefer to take it easy. (…) Or do you not want this baby? Theo, please, I’m tired of hiding my face. It hurts me too much to see that You’re dodging me. I need to know. Do you want this baby with me or not?”.

Up against the wall, Theo can no longer back down and ends up admitting to Marta that he is not sure he is ready to be a father. “I’m not sure anymore. I don’t feel like I have that responsibility now, it’s too early. I’m at the start of my professional life, I have to give it my all”.

Marta then points out to him that many chefs manage to reconcile their career and a family life, but Théo does not budge: he wants to “live something else first”. And if Marta has finally obtained the frankness she expected from the man she loves, the truth will obviously be hard to take.

Will their couple withstand this new ordeal? Or will Théo on the contrary choose to live a new story with Célia? Answer in the sequel to Here it all starts on TF1 and on Salto.

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