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In “Here it all begins”, Salomé will finally understand that Thomas manipulated her with Charlène… Upset by this betrayal, the young woman will make a radical decision and recover what is rightfully hers.

In Here it all begins, the moment of confession has arrived for Thomas (Ifig Brouard)… Tuesday, February 14 in the hit soap opera on the front page, the craftsman is forced to confess to Salomé (Aurélie Pons) that he associated with Charlene (Pola Petrenko), which greatly disappoints his girlfriend.

Thomas and Charlene unmasked

Indeed, in full doubt following the revelations of Gaëtan (Terence Telle), Salomé digs into Thomas’s business to check if he has indeed lied to her. She doesn’t have time to find anything conclusive. Moreover, Thomas offers to assist her in the course he is about to give and she accepts.

During class, Salomé finally manages to access Thomas’s online messaging and comes across the evidence she was looking for. She realizes that the baker has indeed betrayed her by helping Charlene! The main interested party tries to defend himself but ends up confessing everything…

Thomas confesses that he was afraid to see her win the tender and that she would then have no more time to devote to their relationship. Also, he was jealous to see her so close to Gaëtan… So he followed Charlène in her shenanigans. To make up for it, he offered Salomé the job in his future restaurant.

Salomé compensated, Charlène punished

Salome doesn’t listen to his excuses and pushes him away. Deeply bruised, she tells him that she no longer wants to see him… Upset, she meets Gaëtan shortly afterwards to tell him everything. He encourages her to denounce Thomas to the management, but Salomé prefers to protect Kelly (Axelle Dodier) from all the scandal that this affair would generate.

At the same time, Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) however shows Rose (Vanessa Demouy) and Fayet an email from Thomas sent to Charlène, with a copy of Salomé’s recipes! They are in shock and demand solid explanations. Rose summons everyone and Charlene finds herself with her back to the wall, caught in the bag.

Louis’ Revenge

Charlène tries to enlist her father’s support, but Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) advises her to shut up instead. Rose apologizes to Salomé and the latter recovers the project which was rightfully hers. The master’s director finally informs everyone that a meeting will be held tomorrow, the subject of which will be Charlène’s future…

She fears getting fired. Louis comes to talk to her and she explains that she took the opportunity that presented itself to her. She asks him not to judge her as she knows he would have done the same. Louis then makes her understand that it was he who exposed her to Rose! Charlène is stunned… He places a kiss on his ex’s cheek, saying: “You wanted to play with me, you lost. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”

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