Here it all begins: the TF1 series in figures

Here it all begins: the TF1 series in figures

“Here everything begins” continues to be a hit on TF1 and will broadcast its 150th episode in a few days. The opportunity to come back to the crazy, surprising, or unknown figures of the soap opera carried by Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Elsa Lunghini.

With 3.9 million viewers who are passionate about the adventures of the students and teachers of the Auguste Armand Institute every day, the success of Here Everything Begins cannot be denied, seven months after the launch of this daily soap opera. notably by Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, and Frédéric Diefenthal.

While the plots with twists and turns multiply, from the secret of Salomé’s origins to Mehdi’s disease, we invite you to learn a little more Here it all begins by focusing on the figures of the series, from the most astonishing to the most unknown . How many writers and directors are working on Here it all begins? How many actors have been auditioned for the roles of Jérémy, Célia, and their comrades? You will know almost everything.


Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

If the fans of Here it all begins are addicted to the plots full of twists and turns of the series, they have also been seduced by the original music and songs written and composed especially by Emilie Gassin, Ben Violet, and Matthieu Gonet, the trio of composers who also work on Tomorrow belongs to us.

So much so that the success of the series quickly gave birth to a first soundtrack, available on all streaming and legal download platforms since February 15, on which we can find the flagship titles of Here it all begins, such as “Wide Open”, “Biggest Mistake”, “Fall”, or “Easy”.



This is the number of comedians from Here it all begins who participated, before the launch of the soap opera, in the TF1 program Danse avec les stars. Agustin Galiana first of all, won the eighth season in 2017. Then Clement Remiens, big winner too, and Terence Telle in 2018. And finally Azize Diabaté in 2019.


Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

According to Télé Loisirs, 11 directors have taken turns to box the episodes of the daily soap opera since the start of filming last summer. Among which, Sébastien Perroy, Lionel Delhaye, Christophe Barraud, or even Thierry Peythieu, one of the historical directors of Demain belongs to us.



This is the number of authors who, according to Télé Loisirs, work on Here everything begins under the direction of collection director Eric Fuhrer, who also oversees Tomorrow belongs to us.

Othman Mahfoud, Estelle Sayada, Romain Rogier, Joël Nsita, Geoffrey Bidaut, Emmanuelle Rey-Magnan, Lou Bonetti, Solenn Le Priol, or even Claire Kanny. It is to them, and to their overflowing imagination, that we owe the craziest intrigues of the series, from the forbidden love story between Jérémy and Célia to the many family secrets discovered in barely 7 months of broadcast. .


Jean-Philippe Baltel / MI2 / TF1

Presented as one of the stars of the soap opera when it was launched, Francis huster ultimately only appeared in the first 36 episodes of Here It All Begins. His character, Auguste Armand, having been struck down by a heart attack during the episode of December 18, 2020.

A shock death that was planned from the start, as producer Sarah Farahmand explained to us at the time: “When we contacted Francis Huster for this character, he was immediately told ‘It’s a role that will last two months.’ The death of Augustus was planned from the start. The series was designed around the death of this character. We had in mind the first three months of the series organized around this drama and everything that Augustus set up around him “.


Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Since the launch of the series on TF1 last November, 81 roles have been distributed according to Télé Loisirs. Recurring heroes that we love, such as Greg, Eliott, Hortense, Salomé, Claire, or Mehdi, including the characters present for the time of a plot or just a few episodes.

And it’s not over because, after Sylvie Rigaut or Lina Mabsoute, recently introduced in Here everything begins, Alice Gaissac, Célia’s mother, will make her first appearance in a few days on the air in the guise of the actress Diane Robert (More beautiful life, Under the sun).



This is the number of actors who have been auditioned for months by the production of Here Everything Begins, well before the start of filming, in order to find the young talents who would play Jérémy, Célia, Anaïs, Charlène, Théo, Lionel, And the others.

And during the auditions, the actors that we now find on the screen every evening often have, at the start, passed tests for several characters before the right role is emerging for them, as explained to us there is. a few months Rébecca Benhamour: “In fact, like a lot of comedians from Here It All Begins, I initially auditioned for several characters, including one that ultimately no longer exists and who was called Alyssa it seems to me. And apparently when the producers did given my audition for Célia, it was obvious to them “.


Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Since its launch, Here Everything Begins has called upon around 600 extras over the episodes, according to Télé Loisirs, to embody a simple silhouette during a sequence or to play the “other” students and apprentice cooks of the Auguste Institute. Armand, who join the ranks of the various promotions during certain cooking classes, alongside Maxime, Salomé, and the others.


Jean-Philippe Baltel / MI2 / TF1

2500 m2 of platforms have been fitted out within the Château de Calvières (which previously hosted receptions and weddings), in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze in the Gard, in order to give “life” to the Auguste Armand Institute.

This immense property also includes a 4 hectare park in which there is an amphitheater, sports facilities, and a vegetable garden all that is more real. Which offers a lot of possibilities to authors: “The park is 4 hectares so we had to use it to tell stories”, explained producer Sarah Farahmand. “We know from the experience Tomorrow belongs to us that if we want to think in the long term, each setting must tell something and have its own identity”.

In all, 80% of the sequences of Here it all begins are filmed at the Château de Calvières. As for the remaining 20% ​​of the daily soap opera, they are filmed in the surroundings, in particular for street scenes, but also and especially in another recurring setting, the salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes, where the Rivière and Gaissac families live.

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