Here it all begins: “The relationship between Théo and Teyssier will evolve in a different way” according to Khaled Alouach

While war seems to be declared between Theo and his father, the couple that the young man forms with Marta is in the midst of a crisis. Khaled Alouach tells us more about what awaits Théo in the next episodes of “Here everything begins”.

Here it all begins: "the relationship between théo and teyssier will evolve in a different way" according to khaled alouach
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Allociné: You made yourself known to the public in the film “De tous mes strength” by Chad Chenouga and today you launched a new challenge by joining the cast of Here it all begins. What attracted you to this project?

Khaled Alouach : I have two of my best friends who are already in daily newspapers and I had heard that they made a great decor for the castle. I wanted to try, I launched and I do not regret.

What did you like in the role of Theo?

Its cracks. I found it interesting to see how this character, with the tyrannical father he has, could juggle his cracks and the strength of character that it could bring him.

Theo has gained confidence and no longer lets himself face his father. In recent days, Theo and Emmanuel seem to have gone to war over Marta (Sarah Fitri). How will the relationship between Théo and chef Teyssier evolve in the next episodes?

It will evolve in a different way but I can’t tell you more. What is certain is that when Marta learns that Theo told his mother that Teyssier tried to kiss her, it will be an electric shock and she will decide to move away from both.

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In the episode which aired on Friday, Marta wants to take a break with Theo. Will your character want to win her back or rather settle accounts with her father?

He will try to settle accounts with his father. He will understand that his break with Marta is not the root of the problem and that he has other things to settle beforehand.

The scenes between Theo and his father are difficult and even sometimes violent. How do you approach these scenes with Benjamin Barroche?

I met Benjamin on the set of “De tous mes forces”. We hit it off right away. Benjamin is one of those people who is easy to play with. For me, he is the revelation of the series. He teaches me a lot. It’s someone who manages to reinvent himself in all the scenes without changing the text, it’s incredible. He is generous in the game, it helps a lot that things go well despite the violence of the scenes. He is there, he helps, he gives. This guy is a sun.

As soon as he is introduced to the series, Theo suffers from an addiction to cannabis and it is thanks to Marta’s help that he begins his withdrawal. Is the young man really determined to get by or could he plunge again especially because of the problems he is going through with his father?

Theo knows he is addicted to cannabis because he has a lack of fatherly love and recognition that he tries to fill as best he can. It’s not a phase and I think he’s really determined to get out of it. Since he was addicted once, he will be addicted his whole life. He’s just going to have to learn to keep his head up during the trials.

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Constance (Sabine Perraud) and Charlène (Pola Petrenko) are very attentive to Theo and support him in everything he goes through with his father. Will they try to calm things between them or will they end up taking sides?

I don’t think they can ever take sides. They can never really choose between the two, it’s an impossible choice. I think they will always try to calm things down between them.

What do you hope for the future of your character and how do you want him to evolve?

I have lots of ideas. Theo could become schizophrenic or daddy [rires]. He could also succeed his father in the pastry shop or become a chef.

In this particular health context, do you have other projects in parallel with the series that you can talk about?

I have just finished Arnaud Valois’ first film. Otherwise I do castings.

Interview by telephone on February 4, 2021.

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