Here it all begins: “The plot of the summer will stir up certain foundations of the couple Greg and…

Here it all begins: "the plot of the summer will stir up certain foundations of the couple greg and...

Greliott, the return of chef Delobel… Mikaël Mittelstadt and Nicolas Anselmo took advantage of their visit to the Monte-Carlo television festival to confide in our microphone about what awaits their characters this summer.

Allociné: Greg and Eliott are among the characters most appreciated by the public ofHere it all starts. Did you expect such enthusiasm around this couple?

Mikael Mittelstadt : It fell like a big avalanche. It was a year ago when there was the concretization with the intrigue on the secret of Delobel. And it’s true that afterwards, we had a lot of feedback, messages on social networks and even from people in the street. I do not believe it.

Nicholas Anselmo : Even now, it’s still the same or even more so than before.

Philippe Delobel (Joseph Malerba) will soon be back in Here it all begins. What can you tell us about this?

Mikael Mittelstadt: Philippe Delobel will be back for the summer intrigue which concerns the national pastry championship. Obviously, this will bring in great cooks and pastry chefs from all over France. This championship will take place at the Beaumont Hotel, an establishment which is under the direction of chef Delobel. It is therefore he who will host the competition. Greg and Eliott will find themselves embarked on this adventure. I will not say if they participate or not but they will be affected by it.

Eliott’s mother appeared several times in Here it all begins. Will we see Julia reappear in the series?

Nicholas Anselmo: I hope. I would very much like. I confess that I would very much like to see Eliott’s adoptive parents again as well.

We are in the midst of end-of-year exams. What awaits Greg and Eliott in the next episodes?

Nicholas Anselmo: It will go very well for them. No, but honestly, we have to say it: they are tough (laughs).

So they’re going to go to third year?

Nicholas Anselmo : Downright !

Mikael Mittelstadt: The stress will be more for freshmen than for us. There will be no problem for Greg and Eliott at this level because behind there will be the plot of the summer which will come to stir up certain foundations of their couple.

Nicholas Anselmo: And then super intense really!

The couple recently went through a little crisis related to Eliott’s asexuality. We were also able to discover a weakened Greg who had lost all confidence in him. Should we imagine another storm between them in the future?

Mikael Mittelstadt: There will be a small storm relating to several problems including again Eliott’s asexuality and this balance that there is not really on this level.

Mikaël, you have a very big news with The Fighters and Hinny. What can you tell us about that?

Mikael Mittelstadt: With Ici tout commence, we are on three completely different projects. Les Combattantes is colossal because it’s in the vein of Charity Bazaar. I play a young soldier in the trenches who was called to the front during the First World War.

And for Bardot, it’s a completely different register. I play Gilbert Bécaut. So there, I’m just bringing a small stone to the building of the project because I’m only there in an episode concerning the idyll between Bardot and Bécaud. I don’t sing and I don’t play the piano but I’m here.

And you Nicolas, do you have projects next to Here everything begins?

I have a few little things but nothing as big as Mikaël anyway. I have clips and short films. I would very much like to make period films, more independent films, auteur cinema. Lots of things actually. Lots of things in lots of different registers. We’ll see.

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