Here it all begins: “The Mehdi and Hortense couple is in danger” reveals Marvin Pellegrino -…

Here it all begins The Mehdi and Hortense couple is

Met on the occasion of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, Marvin Pellegrino, the interpreter of Mehdi, confided in the microphone of Allociné on what awaits his character during the next episodes of “Here everything begins” .

Allociné: Here everything begins will soon celebrate its two years, what is your best memory of filming.

Marvin Pellegrino : There are quite a few moments that marked me. In particular, there was “The Last Challenge”, the ark centered on Mehdi’s illness. It was striking and quite heavy. There was also the romantic encounter between Mehdi and Hortense. I loved playing it all. And then we get along really well with Catherine Davydzenka.

Mehdi succeeded in overcoming his leukemia. Can we hope that he is definitely out of trouble?

Unfortunately, like in real life, it could come back. So far, he is cured. His chemo worked so so far so good. For the purposes of the writing, maybe someday something could happen to him.

Mehdi is happy in love but the arrival of Vic (Lou Ladegaillerie) in Hortense’s life creates problems within their couple. What awaits Mehdi and Hortense in the next episodes?

Hortense has a relationship with her sister that is quite bad and has lasted for many years. It goes a little beyond Mehdi. He doesn’t really understand what’s going on between the two sisters. Since he has a very vigilant, very good side, he tries to integrate Vic into the history of the school and into his sister’s life. He’s trying to work things out but it’s not going to go the right way.

Can we say that their relationship is in danger?

We can say that their relationship is in danger, yes. Mehdi begins to be annoyed by this situation. We will gradually understand who Vic is. At the same time, Mehdi will leave for a while to work in a pastry shop for Teyssier. But will it be okay when he comes back? That, we don’t know.

Mehdi realized his dream by creating his signature dessert. What is his next professional challenge?

I do not know at all. Mehdi is meant to make pastry. Maybe he’ll become a double-A chef. I don’t know.

Zechariah (Julian Alluguette) will he return to the series and become Mehdi’s mentor for his last year at the institute?

Mehdi’s mentor remains Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch). Mehdi went to school for him, he wanted to look like him and make a signature dessert like him. The relationship with Zacharie is no more evolved than that. They continue to work together with a relationship of trust that has been created between the teacher and the student.

Can we expect to see more scenes between Mehdi and Teyssier in the future?

I often ask the production to put me on more scenes with him and Benjamin Baroche also asks because things work really well between us. We love to play together. There are going to be some small scenes and I hope there will be more in the future. It’s a beautiful relationship that means a lot to Mehdi. There is a kind of father-son relationship through their shared passion for baking.

What can you tell us about what awaits your character in the next episodes?

Mehdi will have a lot more confidence after consulting in a bakery in Paris. Teyssier will therefore give him many more responsibilities and things to do. In the weeks to come, we will therefore see Mehdi getting a little closer to his dream of becoming a chef.

Un big plot happens on a secret club at the institute. Will Mehdi be part of it?

I don’t know at all if Mehdi will be part of it. If he were to be there, I imagine it would be to annoy Hortense since Vic will be there. I’m thinking of taking a little trip there (laughs).

You were able to talk about an extremely strong subject through your character and conveyed a positive message around the disease. Is there another subject you would like to defend through Mehdi?

There are still subjects to defend but we have already defended quite a few through Mehdi. There was the grossophobia that was close to my heart. It was a bit of an abyss because on the networks I can receive messages. I receive very very few, it must represent 1% but I sometimes receive messages from people who watch the series and are grossophobia themselves. When the episode passed, it must have pulled the rug out from under them. But yes, there are clearly things that I would like to defend a little more. If I do this job, it is mainly to defend this kind of thing.

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