Here it all begins: “The departure of Clément Rémiens will have consequences” … The …

In a few weeks, Clément Rémiens will be leaving “Here everything begins” after a little over a year of adventure. Sarah Farahmand, the producer of the series, reacted to this unexpected departure and spoke about the post-Maxime and the future of the successful soap opera.

It is the unexpected announcement that surprised everyone this weekend: Clément Rémiens leaves Here everything begins a little more than a year after the launch of the soap opera on TF1, and after four and a half years spent in the skin by Maxime Delcourt, a character he has played since the beginning of Tomorrow belongs to us.

“I decided to quit. I’m very happy with everything that happened but it’s the rush all the time, we keep working … and I need to see something else “, explained the 24-year-old actor in an interview with La Voix du Nord. “I’ve been working for four years, I’ve done a lot of things, I’m very proud of it, but it’s time for a change of life”.

“We will miss you”

Contacted by our colleagues from Leisure TV, Sarah Farahmand, the producer of Here everything begins, reacted to the departure of the star of the culinary series and explained that the decision of Clément Rémiens, although greeted with surprise by the teams and the production, was well considered and completely understandable.

“We were obviously very moved, surprised, but it was a very calm discussion. Clément carefully considered his decision. We all understood his arguments. Clément had a dazzling start to his career. He was leaving Cours Florent when he passed. the cast of Demain belongs to us, and he quickly became very well known. At his age, 24, he is human and coherent to want a change “.

“But we all said to him: ‘We will miss you'”, continues Sarah Farahmand, who worked as a producer on Tomorrow belongs to us before overseeing Here Everything Begins. “We designed Here everything starts with the characters of Maxime, Rose and Antoine. It makes us weird to imagine the aftermath. But we were happy for him, happy that he left at the right time before being bored of Maxime. . We can only respect his decision “.

Here it all begins: "the departure of clément rémiens will have consequences"... The...
Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

For the moment, the mystery remains as to how the departure of Maxime Delcourt will be staged in Here everything begins. But Sarah Farahmand explains to Télé Loisirs that Clément Rémiens’ decision, taken several months ago now, has allowed the writers to imagine a nice way out:

“He warned us several months ago so that we would have time to write a great release. It also allowed us not to include him in all the plots, in order to accustom the viewer to the fact that Maxime was no longer at the center of everything “.

Just do we know that the departure of Clément Rémiens should intervene on the screen “after Christmas”, certainly in early 2022, and will be linked to the arrival of chef Michel Sarran in the series, in his own role.

“I can tell you that there will be an inter-school competition within the institute”, continues the producer of Here it all begins. “For the first time, other schools will join this very prestigious competition. Maxime is chosen to represent the Auguste Armand Institute. And it is during this intrigue, in which we will also see Michel Sarran, What is the question of leaving for him? Many students and teachers will be very moved to see him leave. Even Teyssier! “.

What consequences for Here everything begins after the departure of Maxime?

Of course, the departure of Clément Rémiens does not however mark the end of Here it all begins, which continues to be a hit every night of the week on TF1 and which enjoys a very strong choral cast, with many characters adored by fans. , such as Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo), Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), Célia (Rebecca Benhamour) or Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche).

And Sarah Farahmand does not seem worried about the future of the soap opera, even if she assures that the departure of her headliner will not be without consequences.

“Obviously, the departure of Clément will have consequences because he was a bit the headliner of the series, the common thread of a lot of stories”, explains the producer at the microphone of our colleagues. “But today, Here Everything Begins is a very choral series. There is not a single headliner but several main characters”.

“Many of the characters from Here It All Begin are appealing, popular and embody contemporary figures. The character of Maxime is not in all the arches, nor in all the episodes. We are not worried about the future of the series, even if we are very sad that Clément is leaving “.

Before specifying, of course, that “the door remains wide open” for a possible return of Clément Rémiens one day. Fortunately, once Maxime leaves the institute, fans will be able to find him in Tomorrow belongs to us, the mother series, on the occasion of a last arch event which will be dedicated to him, as TF1 confirmed to us yesterday. After which Clément Rémiens and his character will bid farewell to Sète and the DNA franchise. For the moment anyway.

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