Here it all begins: the couple Greg / Eliott, Célia victim of Simony … The most …

From the birth of the Greliott couple to the punchy plot on sexual harassment in the kitchen, through the revelation of Naël’s parents, a look back at the most striking intrigues and sequences of “Here everything begins” in 2021.

Launched a little over a year ago on TF1, Here everything begins, the little sister of Tomorrow belongs to us, quickly became a real phenomenon which, months after me, continued to panic the counters on the audience side and succeeded in bring together all age groups, who are passionate about the love stories, betrayals, and culinary challenges that punctuate the daily life of the students of the Auguste Armand Institute.

While the start of next year will be marked by a major upheaval, with the announced departure of Clément Rémiens, a look back at the most striking sequences and intrigues of 2021. From the explosion that shook the school last January to the extremely successful ark on sexual harassment in the kitchen, through the birth of the flagship couple of the series, Greliott, and the mysteries that surrounded the identity of Salomé’s mother and little Naël’s parents …

Maxime victim of the explosion

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

As Tomorrow belongs to us, which each year offers a plot endangering many characters, Here everything begins was also entitled last January to its disaster episode, during which an explosion, which occurred in the middle of a live broadcast of a cooking demonstration. on Youtube, shook the institute and destroyed part of the school.

Main victim of this tragedy, Maxime (Clément Rémiens) is rushed to the hospital where Marianne, his grandmother, informs those close to him that he could well lose the use of his hands. A shock start to the year, therefore, which kept us in suspense for weeks with the search for the identity of the person responsible for this explosion of criminal origin. But, as you can imagine, everything ended well for Maxime and his future in the kitchen was only questioned for a brief moment. Phew.

Elodie gets closer to Louis and switches to the dark side

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...

Presented as a character full of promise, Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni), a visually impaired first year student, was quickly forgotten and relegated to the background. Until the writers remember (momentarily) of her existence and decide to bring her closer to Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), the great villain of the series, with whom she will live a somewhat strange relationship, which will especially allow the son Guinot to move on after Salomé.

The beginning of a turn to the dark side for Elodie who will metamorphose into Darth Vader of the Auguste Armand Institute and will go so far as to accuse one of the professors, Lisandro, of having hit her. It is still not fully understood why she briefly became so evil. But this moment of bewilderment will in any case have made us laugh.

The birth of the couple Greg / Eliott

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

As different as they are complementary, Eliott and Greg did not have a simple journey in Here It All Begins. From sworn enemies to tortured lovers, the feelings were finally stronger. After a complicated coming out for Greg, the two young men decided to give each other a chance and are now spinning the perfect love or almost.

Through a modern and daring writing, the writers of Here everything begins have succeeded in establishing them as the flagship couple of the program, even if it means stealing the show from Maxime and Salomé. While the show isn’t the first to feature a gay couple, it does prove that a queer couple can be very popular with audiences. Moreover, it is not for nothing that the fans renamed them Greliott.

Big revelations of the program, Nicolas Anselmo and Mikaël Mittelstad have managed to make their characters an emblematic couple while offering a depth of play that is sometimes rare to see in a daily soap opera.

Let us not forget in passing to underline the audacity of the authors who choose to tackle strong social issues through them.

Salomé discovers the identity of her biological mother

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

Abandoned at birth, Salomé (Aurélie Pons) is a child of the DDASS. While she never knew her parents, it was within the Auguste Armand Institute that she was able to build a family. Bread blessed in a soap and inevitably, the writers will not have waited very long before turning the tidy life of the young woman upside down by exploring her origins.

And if at first everything suggested that Salomé’s mother was hiding behind Olivia Listrac or Constance Teyssier, it was ultimately on the Rigaut family’s side that the spotlight was turned. After many twists and turns, viewers learned that Sylvie Rigaut (Elise Tielrooy) was Salomé’s mother, did the same by Laetitia (Florence Coste) and Kelly (Axelle Dodier) respectively her sister and her niece.

A rich plot which gave birth to the craziest theories and which allowed not only to enrich the character of Salomé but also to anchor the Rigaut family a little more in the series.

Anaïs falls in love with Lisandro and cheats on Enzo

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) and Enzo (Azize Diabate) having easily won the palm of the most boring couple here everything begins, the authors of the series finally decide, with the approach of summer, to shake things up. that by separating them with great blow of deception and other lies.

Anaïs ends up falling in love with Lisandro Inesta (Agustin Galiana), her classroom teacher, and sleeping with him while she is still with Enzo. But the latter does not take long to discover what is happening behind his back and explodes.

An eventful intrigue which fascinated the viewers and made it possible to hatch a touching teacher-pupil couple, which we hope to follow for a long time to come. While finally giving more things to play to Julie Sassoust, who is part of the revelations of the series and deserved to be a little more highlighted.

Lionel the little arsonist

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

Narrative arch after narrative arch, Here everything begins is interested in the past and the family of each of its students. After Hortense, Greg, Salomé, or Mehdi, Lionel (Lucien Belves) was therefore also entitled to his intrigue this summer. But he was a little less spoiled than his little comrades …

Because if it was rather funny to see him set fire to the institute every three episodes, the wound linked to the death of his mother years earlier would have deserved to be deepened, and we would have preferred that Lionel not not steal the show of his own ark by Greg and Eliott, also involved in the plot.

In addition, as often in soaps, the arsonist tendencies of the aspiring chef were resolved after a single session with the shrink and have not been mentioned since. As if the authors wanted, like us, to forget this little failure.

Maxime’s secret

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

At the request of Clément Rémiens, who wanted to “dirty” his character, Maxime succumbed to the charm of Amber (Claire Romain), a new student who arrived at the institute in September, and cheated on Salomé with her. Before finding out that Amber had voluntarily seduced him and targeted him for revenge.

The opportunity for the writers of Here Everything begins to reveal an unexpected secret about Maxime (he had released a naked photo of Jade, Amber’s little sister, when he was a teenager) and to show, finally, that the major of promotion was not only the big-hearted, blameless and somewhat smooth hero he appeared to be. With the key to a surprising and well put together plot.

The end of the love story between Salomé and Maxime

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Love stories come and go in daily soap operas. As such, 2021 will not have been kind to the flagship couple of Here it all begins. Until then, Maxime (Clement Remiens) and Salomé (Aurelie Pons) had managed to overcome all the storms but this end of the year will unfortunately be the end of their history. After loving and sometimes tearing each other apart, they finally decided to go their separate ways with no turning back.

And if this irrevocable decision is undoubtedly not unrelated to the upcoming departure of Clément Rémiens from the series, this separation should allow the character of Salomé to emancipate himself by finally leaving a costume that is a little too flat. A great opportunity therefore for Aurélie Pons who deserves to be put more forward beyond the love stories of her character.

The discovery of the identity of Naël’s parents

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

After revealing the Delobels’ secret, the writers of Here It All Begin decided to tackle Greg’s past once again.

The discovery of an abandoned baby a few months old in the greenhouse had aroused the stir at the institute and some had then embarked on a frantic investigation establishing in the process sometimes far-fetched deductions. But it’s not Sherlock Holmes who wants it and it took several weeks to discover that Jasmine (Zoï Sévérin) and Greg were Naël’s parents.

If he initially rejected his paternity, Greg changed his mind and revealed a new side of his character. From “arrogant little con” to touching papa hen, the character of Greg has never ceased to seduce the public. With the arrival of Naël, the series chooses to evoke parenthood among young adults by bringing a real touch of modernity through the construction of a whole new family model rarely seen on television.

Impossible to conclude without awarding a special mention to Mikaël Mittelstadt which gives Here Everything Begins its most beautiful moments of emotion. Not spared by the writers since the launch of the program, the actor has managed to make his character one of the most endearing in the series.

Celia and Deva are assaulted by Simony

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Screenshot / TF1

If love stories, family secrets or even hidden children are the key ingredients of Here It All Begins, the series also takes a powerful look at important social issues. After dealing with consent, asexuality, mistreatment or even revenge porn, the authors have again struck hard by attacking sexual harassment in the kitchen.

At the heart of this important dramatic arch, Chief Simony (Xavier Lafitte), a sexual predator, had made Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini), Deva (Kathy Packianathan) and Célia (Rebecca Benhamour) his victims.

At a time when speech is finally free, this extremely strong plot wanted to be close to reality and made it possible to highlight the #MeToo movement as well as the devastating consequences engendered by sexual assault.

Powerful from start to finish, this arch closed with the same intensity with the death of Chief Simony and the hasty departure of Jeremy (Pierre Hurel).

Bonus: Teyssier’s punchlines

Here it all begins: the couple greg / eliott, célia victim of simony... The most...
Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Everything begins here would surely not be the same without Chef Teyssier’s acerbic punchlines.

Since his first appearance, the latter has not gone unnoticed in the public eye and his scathing lines have become cult over the episodes. So much so that viewers now expect them every evening.

Perfect in the role of the pastry chef a bit megalomaniac, Benjamin Baroche literally bursts the screen. Often sadistic and sharp, his words, dare we say it, do not fail to be sometimes hilarious.

In the pantheon of his little sentences, we obviously remember, “After the blind and the cancerous, now we have the illiterate. Stop feeling sorry for all the cripples who pass”, “Of course, very good idea Maxime, leave the precision work to Gilbert Montagné, that should work. “,” He is married to Mike Tyson. You remember the one who took her son for a punching bag “.

This dark humor has become part of the DNA of everyday life and is undoubtedly one of the major ingredients of its success.

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