Here it all begins (TF1): we saw the first episodes of the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us on TV

“Here everything begins”, the series derived from “Tomorrow belongs to us” with Clément Rémiens, Vanessa Demouy, Frédéric Diefenthal, Francis Huster, or even Catherine Marchal will be launched on November 2 on TF1. We saw the first 3 episodes.

Here it all begins TF1 we saw the first episodes
Jean-Philippe Baltel / CAPAPI

What is it about ?

The Auguste Armand Institute is one of the best cooking schools in France. Excellence, rigor and discipline are essential in this establishment managed by a team of talented, recognized and respected professionals. An enclosed space that will be the scene of thwarted and complex love stories, but also of rivalries and betrayals. But for Maxime Delcourt and the rest of the students of this prestigious school, the objective is clear: to become the future starred chefs of French gastronomy. And nothing will mar their motivation.

What mode of distribution?

Here it all begins, the new daily TF1 soap opera, will be launched on Monday, November 2 at 6.30 p.m. and will be broadcast every day, from Monday to Friday, just before Tomorrow belongs to us, of which it is a derivative series.

What does it look like ?

Who is it with?

Emblematic figure of Tomorrow belongs to us since its launch in 2017, Clément Rémiens continues to play Maxime Delcourt, the son of Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) and Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) in this spin-off which follows his character as he begins a new chapter in his life as a student at the prestigious Auguste Armand Institute. Vanessa Demouy and Frédéric Diefenthal, the interpreters of Rose Latour and Antoine Myriel, also “leave” the mother series for Here everything begins and find in particular Francis Huster (Auguste Armand), Elsa Lunghini (Clotilde), Azize Diabaté (Enzo), Julie Sassoust (Anaïs), Aurélie Pons (Salomé), Lucia Passaniti (Noémie), and Benjamin Baroche (Teyssier), whose characters have already been introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us.

As for the rest of the cast of Here it all begins, it is made up of Catherine Marchal, Agustin Galiana, Bruno Putzulu, Terence Telle, Sabine Perraud, Fabian Wolfrom, Nicolas Anselmo, or even Sarah-Cheyenne, seen in Tandem on France 3, who camp the teachers and students of this cooking school which promises to offer its share of twists and dramas to viewers of TF1.

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Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Well worth a look ?

Thanks to its headliners loved by the general public (Ingrid Chauvin, Vanessa Demouy, Lorie Pester, Kamel Belghazi, or Anne Caillon, to name a few) and to its skilfully dosed mix of romance, thriller, thriller, and comedy that makes it a real daily “saga”, Tomorrow belongs to us quickly became a phenomenon. And three years after its launch, success is still there for the Delcourt, the Vallorta, the Beddiar, and the Moreno. No wonder therefore that TF1 wanted to launch a spin-off in order to boost the time slot preceding that of Tomorrow belongs to us (currently occupied by Bienvenue à l’hotel), in particular by trying to feminize and rejuvenate it. A somewhat crazy bet on paper (the variations of series, very popular across the Atlantic, remaining rare facts in France) but for which the channel has put all the chances on its side by building the plot of Here it all begins around Clément Rémiens, whose popularity has continued to grow since 2017 thanks to DNA, Pour Sarah, and Dance with the stars. But also around Vanessa Demouy and Frédéric Diefenthal, who are one of the key couples of the mother series.

From the first minutes of its opening episode, Here Everything Begins sets up a real universe and a real atmosphere which prove that this “little sister” is not just a “teenager” version of Tomorrow belongs to us. But indeed a new soap opera with its own identity. The production codes are different, the image is extremely polished, and the soundtrack is rhythmic and catchy. Like the credits played by Gims, which from the first listen will remain in the minds of viewers, that’s for sure. But obviously, what stands out the most Here everything begins from the three current French daily serials is this unique arena, the Auguste Armand Institute, whose impressive decorations, ranging from the kitchens to the application restaurant, including the bedrooms. of the pupils, were reconstituted within the castle of Calvières, located in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze, in the Gard. A school that almost acts as a character in its own right and will allow the authors to develop real inspiring plots (based on learning, surpassing oneself, and success story), while bathing the characters in a lot of dramas , betrayals, and secrets inherent in the soap.

1603540912 959 Here it all begins TF1 we saw the first episodes

Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Helped by the launching pad that constituted the appearances of Francis Huster or Aurélie Pons in Tomorrow belongs to us these last weeks, the first episodes of Here everything begins do not waste time to plunge us into the bath of the contest of entry to the institute, each step of which we follow through the eyes of Maxime Delcourt. Where More beautiful life, Tomorrow belongs to us, and Un Si Grand Soleil had taken several weeks, even several months, to really be found, Here everything begins, begins quickly and strongly. And surprises from the final cliffhanger of its first episode. Which necessarily makes you want to see more. And as there is, here too, necessarily a margin of progress over the episodes – since we are all the same facing a setting up of a universe – everything suggests that for lovers of daily soap operas, Here everything begins will be a real success. With all the ingredients that one is entitled to expect from such a series. Since in addition to the culinary intrigues, which are not a pretext and constitute an important part of the series (even if we are not in Top Chef), the first three episodes continue to develop the Maxime-Salomé relationship and the rivalry between Rose and her sister Clotilde. While launching a first ark around Noémie (Lucia Passaniti), who is haunted by a terrible drama, and Teyssier, the uncompromising pastry chef (and a little psychopathic on the edges?) Played by Benjamin Baroche. Who will have to face the ghosts of the past. And the appearance of a mysterious crow.

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Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

As for the actors, Clément Rémiens, who we have seen progress and whose playing has been refined over his three years in DNA, continues to impress in the role of Maxime and finally seems to find the place that ‘he deserves (where his character was a little less highlighted for some time in the mother series). He is very well surrounded, whether by the most confirmed actors of the cast (Catherine Marchal, Elsa Lunghini, Frédéric Diefenthal, Vanessa Demouy, and Francis Huster, who brings a real aura to the fiction, in the head), or by the other young actors in the series. Like Hector Langevin, Garance Teillet, Solène Hébert, or Emma Smet in Tomorrow belongs to us, Aurélie Pons, Julie Sassoust, Fabian Wolfrom, Pierre Hurel, or even Nicolas Anselmo should quickly become the darlings of the public and are already establishing themselves as talents to to follow. And some characters obviously already stand out from the first episodes. Like Elodie, the visually impaired student played by Sarah-Cheyenne, Eliott, the non-binary character played by Nicolas Anselmo, or Greg, the “little con” of the band played by Mikaël Mittelstadt. Very varied character profiles. And a modernity that is good as non-binary characters are not legion on French television. It remains to be seen what place the writers will give to Eliott or Elodie over time and intrigues.

On the basis of these first episodes, Here Everything Begins brings together in any case all the ingredients to be a success. Both with the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us, but also with those who want to discover a different soap, which uses the passion of many French people (cooking) as the main element. Of course, soap obliges, one can deplore certain big strings and a sometimes lack of subtlety (in particular in the intrigue related to Noémie and to Teyssier), but that does not detract from the fact that Here everything begins seems to be a true beautiful product which, while following in the wake of DNA know-how, also manages to stand out. With work and resources that can be seen on the screen. Will this recipe be enough to convince the amateur public of this kind of series to turn on their television at 6.30 p.m. Answer the week of November 2.