Here it all begins: Teyssier makes a radical decision and fires several students! – News…

Here it all begins: teyssier makes a radical decision and fires several students! - news...

After Amber’s birthday party, which put some first-year students in great difficulty for the cooking test, Teyssier will make a radical decision in “Here everything begins” which will upset the future of several characters.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Amber’s birthday party (Claire Romain), the day before their cooking test, put the first-year students in an awkward situation in Here it all starts. Indeed, Deva (Kathy Packianathan), Tom (Tom Darmon) and Jasmine (Zoï Severin) had the unpleasant surprise of waking up on the beach the morning of the exam, already a good ten minutes late.

Fortunately, Amber managed to save them some time. And all the students – including those who arrived on the wire – were able to complete the test as planned. Unfortunately for them, the result was not up to the expectations of their teachers. Indeed, while only Kelly (Axelle Dodier) and Ambre scored above average, Tom got a 5 and Jasmine an 8. As for Deva, Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch) simply refused to taste his unfinished dish and gave it a zero.

While Clotilde (Elsa Lungini) was trying to change the director’s mind about Deva’s grade, Auguste Armand’s daughter ended up explaining to him the real reason for the delay of some of the students: they had partied too much the day before. A revelation that did not really please Emmanuel, who then showed himself determined to make Deva and his comrades pay for their behavior.

In an excerpt from Here it all begins available on MYTF1, the first years wait at double A for instructions from Teyssier for the indoor test. He explains to them that the exam will take place during the lunch service and that he expects nothing less than excellence from them.

As the first-year students are about to go change, Emmanuel stops them and announces, like a theatrical twist, that all the students who arrive late for the cooking test are kicked out of the institute and will not take part. not after exams. Totally upset by this news, Jasmine and Tom try as best they can to plead their cause, but without success.

This decision by Teyssier makes them very angry. Indeed, Deva holds Amber responsible for their misfortune and wants revenge at all costs. She therefore decides to work out a plan with the help of Tom to spoil the young woman’s hall test.

But as viewers will discover in the next episodes, the director of the institute will go even further in his desire for sanctions and will not stop at students who arrived late for the cooking test. According to News News, an important argument will break out between Emmanuel and Ambre after the tasting of his cake during the pastry test. While Teyssier is going to provoke her about her party, Ambre is not going to mince words and is going to insult her by telling her to go to hell.

The extra drop that will thus push Teyssier to turn Amber in his turn. Does this mean that Tom, Deva, Jasmine and Ambre will have to leave the series, like Elodie and the Rivière sisters last year, who had also paid the price for Emmanuel during the final exams? year ?

Nothing is less sure. The four students do not intend to let it go and will show themselves ready to fight to save their future. So much so that Tom will come up with a plan to ruin the director’s reputation. But will he go all the way? Answer in the next episodes ofHere it all starts.

Find Here it all starts Monday to Friday at 6:35 p.m. on TF1 and in replay or in advance on Salto.

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