Here it all begins: “Souleymane is going to blame Valérie a lot” according to Dembo Camilo

Present in “Here everything begins” for a few episodes, how will Souleymane react when he discovers his mother’s lies? Dembo Camilo confides in the intrigue of Myriel and on “Tomorrow belongs to us”, in which he has been playing since 2019.

Here it all begins: "souleymane is going to blame valérie a lot" according to dembo camilo
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AlloCiné: You’ve been playing Tomorrow belongs to us for a year and a half now. What conclusions do you draw from this first year? Has the series changed your life?

Dembo Camilo : Yes, for sure it has nothing to do with what I was going through before. Frankly, since Tomorrow belongs to us, there has been a big evolution, either financially or in terms of my game. I’m pretty happy with myself, with what I’m doing. It allows me to evolve. At first it was not easy, because it was my first shoot. I was a little stressed, I didn’t really know how to handle the pressure. But we are very well surrounded, we have coaches on the set. And finally it quickly became natural. I got used to constantly filming, and today I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Initially, you intended more for a career in sport. But is comedy still a universe that has always attracted you?

Yes, thanks to my mother I had started doing theater in elementary school. This is something that I liked very early on. But the world of television and cinema, in my head, was inaccessible. That’s why I thought I would stay in sport, even if the theater allowed me to do something else, to clear my head, and not to just play sport.

How did you get on Tomorrow belongs to us?

By casting, quite simply. I started with modeling agencies, and then I turned to castings for films and series. And it quickly worked, luckily for me.

During your first months in the series, you shared a lot of sequences with Frédéric Diefenthal and Vanessa Demouy. It immediately stuck with them on the set?

Yes right now. It was great to tour with them. I had a lot of scenes with Frédéric, it quickly became a habit. And he was really kind to me, he gave me a lot of advice. I was delighted because he is a great actor, he has a lot of experience. And he likes to run things (laughs). And I like it, because it allows me not to be too lost and to give the best so that the sequences are successful. And with Vanessa Demouy, it’s the same thing. I get along really well with them.

We also have the impression that you are very close to the other young people in the series, including Alice Varela, Martin Mille, and Théo Cosset. Did you quickly form a group behind the camera?

Yes, since our characters are all in the same class, we shoot a lot of sequences together, especially in high school. And we like to meet up after the shoot, to have a drink or to revise our texts together in our hotel rooms. And we see each other often in Paris too. We make a good bunch of friends.

Here it all begins: "souleymane is going to blame valérie a lot" according to dembo camilo

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Last week, Souleymane was shocked to discover that her mother, Valérie, was still alive. Did you know for a long time that Elisa Sergent was coming back?

Let’s say that for me it was obvious, even if it had not been clearly told to me. We had seen Valérie on a beach in Algeria, after her disappearance, so we knew that she was not dead. I told myself that we couldn’t end on that, without having a feedback from the character. I was looking forward to her return.

How was your reunion with Elisa Sergent?

I took great pleasure in returning with Elisa, especially since it had been almost a year since I had seen her. And we had a lot of sequences together, because our characters are both in Tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all begins. It was great.

Finally, in this story, Souleymane is the only one who had never lost the hope of seeing Valérie again one day …

Yes. Kind of. At first, Antoine tried to make him understand that Valérie was really gone. But Souleymane hinted that he knew she was alive. He had a hunch about it and he knew he was going to find his mother one day or another. While for Antoine and Rose, it’s a real shock to see her come back.

In Here it all begins, Antoine and Rose were already on the verge of breaking up, and Valérie’s return further complicates matters. How does Souleymane see this situation?

It is a very delicate situation for Souleymane. At the beginning it was not won with Rose, he did not like her at all. But over time he managed to appreciate it, and they created a real bond. So, obviously, the return of Valérie disrupts all that. She’s his mother, he loves her, and he’s been waiting to see her for a long time. And he knew that the fact that Antoine cheated on his mother with Rose was going to screw up the hell. So at first he doesn’t want to tell Valérie the truth. He doesn’t quite know how to behave, it’s complicated for him.

Here it all begins: "souleymane is going to blame valérie a lot" according to dembo camilo

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How will Souleymane react when he finds out that his mother lied to him, that she has regained her memory for several days, and that she tried to separate Antoine and Rose?

He’s going to feel guilty, because he accused Rose of scheming to get his mother out of Antoine’s life. He’s going to feel a little lost, and he’s going to wonder how he should have behaved. And obviously, he’s going to blame Valérie a lot for lying, and he’s going to blame himself a lot too.

What does Valérie’s return mean for Souleymane in Tomorrow belongs to us? Will he leave the Lazzari home to settle down with his mother?

For the moment Souleymane is well with the Lazzari, it is to them that his father has entrusted him. And he doesn’t really see himself living with his mother. That’s all I can say at the moment.

How would you like to appear a little more frequently in Here It All Begins?

Of course. I like to move, do several things at the same time. When I went on Here everything begins, I was delighted, but when I came back to Tomorrow is ours I was also super happy because it is on this series that it all started for me. But of course it would be great to be able to play in both series at the same time.

Would you like Souleymane’s relationship with Judith to evolve a bit? Or that complications arise in their relationship?

Yes, it is true that everything is rosy for them. And if it is like that, it is surely because it works. But a few small problems, or a few arguments, it wouldn’t hurt, that’s right (laughs).

Here it all begins: "souleymane is going to blame valérie a lot" according to dembo camilo


We can currently see you in I promise you on TF1, in the role of teenager Mathis. Have you ever seen This Is Us before you starred in the show?

No, I only watched This Is Us once I knew I had the part, to try and get familiar with the story, the cast, the characters, and the acting.

What did you like about the series and about the character of Mathis?

I was really touched by the sincerity of the characters. We first discover them as adults, and we see that they are very different, even though they have received the same love and the same education. And despite their differences, and the differences in what they go through with each other, they are all extremely touching. That’s really what I liked about This Is Us and what I found in I promise you.

Do you have other projects you can talk about?

For now, I’m focusing on Tomorrow belongs to us. And normally we will shoot season 2 of I promise you in August. But apart from that, nothing else. I like to focus on what I’m doing, in this case Tomorrow is ours.

Interview by telephone on February 23, 2021.

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