Here it all begins: Salomé in shock following an offer from Thomas – News Séries on TV


In an unpublished excerpt from “Here everything begins” unveiled by TF1, Thomas has an astonishing idea about the future of his relationship with Salome… The young woman is taken aback.

Everything is going for the best in the best of all possible worlds between Salomé (Aurélie Pons) and Thomas (Ifig Brouard) in Here it all begins… Indeed, the baker and the student from the Auguste Armand Institute continue to spin the perfect love and their relationship could already take the next step!

Thomas’ crazy proposal

In an excerpt from an episode of the soap opera unveiled in advance by TF1, the young woman wakes up in the luxurious house of her dear and tender. She looks everywhere for a deal but fails to get her hands on it.

Thomas tries to help her but they realize together that the object in question is in fact at the roommate at the salt marshes. Salomé is very annoyed and wonders how to prevent such an inconvenience from happening again… The craftsman then has a bright idea!

Kelly’s father (Axelle Dodier) suggests that Salomé come and live with him! The main interested party did not expect such a request at all. She is in shock…

The great friend of Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) wants to know if his interlocutor is serious and this one answers that his suggestion is, of course, a little whimsical at this stage but that there is also a part of real desire in there. .

Will Salome live with Thomas?

Both are well aware that it could be a little early to carry out this project… But they also tell each other that they love each other. Salomé is therefore hesitant and asks him for a little time to think about this unexpected proposal…

Obviously, Thomas accepts his sweetheart’s request… secretly hoping that she will agree to live with him. What will she decide? How will Laetitia (Florence Coste) and Kelly react when they discover this, if Salomé moves? Undoubtedly, strong reactions could arise… To be continued in Here it all begins.

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