Here it all begins: Olivia victim of a huge misunderstanding in love?

Convinced of having a secret admirer in “Here it all begins”, Olivia (Virginie Caliari) will get it into her head that it may be Claire. Or even Joachim. But it is far from the truth which is… somewhat surprising.

One of the new mysteries ofHere it all starts didn’t last very long. But its outcome could well surprise and amuse viewers of TF1’s daily soap opera.

While the intrigue of the Circle has just begun and already promises its share of twists and turnsOlivia Listrac (Virginie Caliari) will be entitled to this evening to a mini-ark full of comedy which, in the long term, could well bring her a little closer to Claire (Catherine Marchal).

Indeed, in the episode of Here it all begins this Tuesday, October 11, the Listrac chef will drop a little handwritten love note from her knife case and will get it into her head that she has a secret admirer. After all, the message is pretty clear: “I shouldn’t, but I think about you all the time… It’s hard to see you every day without being able to tell you what’s on my heart”.

Obviously, Olivia will first think of Claire, with whom she had a brief passionate love affair. But the chef Guinot, embarrassed, will assure her ex-companion that she did not send her this piece of paper when she confronts her. A disappointment for Olivia, who seemed touched by Claire’s supposed approach.

Fortunately for her, another suspect will not be long in pointing the tip of her nose. After a lesson, Joachim (Janis Abrikh) will not hesitate to compliment the chef Listrac on her teaching methods. Going so far as to tell her that a teacher like her can change a student’s life.

And since Joachim was right next to her when the sweet note fell from her knife case, Olivia will logically think that she has finally discovered the identity of her secret admirer.

So Clotilde’s companion (Elsa Lungini) did he have a crush on the vegan chef of the Auguste Armand Institute? Not really.

Here it all begins Olivia victim of a huge misunderstanding

In the episode of Here it all begins, which will be broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1, and is already available in advance of Salto, Olivia will decide to get to the bottom of it and will bluntly ask Joachim if he is origin of the love note she found in the Double A kitchens. the type to flirt with the colleagues of the woman he loves.

However, it is Joachim who will put the chef Listrac on the trail of the truth by pointing out to her that a student may very well have wanted to address the sweet word to another student and get the wrong case. Quite simply.

A hypothesis that will not take long to be verified since, after a short speech by Olivia at the end of a lesson about the word in question, Samia (Emma Boulanouar) will realize that the declaration of love was intended for him and that it was actually written by Ethan (Rik Kleve)!

This rather funny misunderstanding will amuse Claire a lot when Olivia lets her know that the sweet note that fell from her case was not for her. But is their rediscovered complicity the sign of an imminent flashback?

The future will tell. The two women will in any case continue to spend time together in the next episodes. And Claire will even go so far as to make a “incredible revelation” to Olivia after a medical appointment. What is it about ? Answer in the sequel to Here it all starts on TF1 and on Salto.

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