Here it all begins: Noémie soon to be fired from the institute? [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

After a mistake in the kitchen, Noémie attracts the wrath of Emmanuel Teyssier. Convinced that the young pastry chef is incapable of teaching properly, the director of the institute decides to replace her …

In Here everything begins, the young chef Noémie Matret (Lucia Passaniti) had become the new pastry teacher for the first year students. She replaced the chef Emmanuel Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), temporarily removed from the Auguste Armand institute following the discovery of the sad fate of Amandine, a former student and friend of Noémie whom he had harassed to the point of pushing her to suicide.

Far from being revengeful, Noémie had taken her teaching position very seriously, having at heart to transmit to the pupils her passion while treating them as equals, far from the degrading remarks of the chief Teyssier.

But in the last episodes broadcast this week, Noémie will show herself weakened, and make a first misstep in the kitchen. During a pastry class, she decides to improvise a new dessert, a crème brûlée with pepper, and add it to the menu of the application restaurant the same day.

Baffled, the students do so. But in the dining room, it’s a fiasco: several creams are sent back to the kitchen, and a customer asks to see Noémie to complain, deeming her dessert inedible.

Devastated, Noémie is then severely reprimanded by Teyssier, now director of the institute, for this initiative taken without her consent. After several well-felt remarks from Greg, who laughs at his crazy culinary ideas, Noémie will then burst into tears in the middle of class in front of her students, before being absent without explanation the next day.

Doubting the young chef’s abilities to teach end-of-year evaluations a few weeks away, Teyssier then went to consult Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) to suggest that he begin to take interviews in order to recruit a new pastry teacher.

If Antoine considers that this decision is premature and wants to help Noémie to recover, Teyssier judges her incompetent and seems to decide to get rid of her, thus reviving the quarrel of the beginnings of the series. How far will he go to try to dismiss Noémie?

As for the young pastry chef, is she really going through a deep questioning of her talents, or is there another reason for her current unhappiness? A scene broadcast last week showed us Noémie having a brief discomfort at home: could she be pregnant, which would explain her emotivity and her hazardous combinations of flavors in the kitchen?

To be continued in the next episodes of Here it all begins!

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