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After having explored the secrets of the Delobel family, “Here everything begins” will soon be interested in the origins of Salomé (Aurélie Pons) since Clément Rémiens revealed to us that Maxime was going to dig into his girlfriend’s past.

Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Less present in the intrigues of Here everything has been starting for some time now, Salomé (Aurélie Pons) will come back to the fore in the coming weeks. First of all to deal with the return to the institute of Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), who will be released from the psychiatric hospital on Wednesday. But also because Maxime will start to take an interest in his girlfriend’s past.

“Maxime is now linked to Salomé. And in not that long, he will learn a lot of things about Salomé and will investigate around it”, Clément Rémiens recently confided to us on the occasion of the broadcast of the 100th episode of the series on TF1. “We know a lot of things about Maxime, so now it will be his turn to try to find out more about Salomé. We will see him go dig a little into his girlfriend’s past”.

After having explored the family history of Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) or that of Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), which is currently at the heart of the arch “The secret of the Delobel”, the writers of Here it all begins will therefore finally s ‘to be interested in the origins of Salomé, whose past remains very mysterious for viewers of the series, but also for the other characters themselves.

Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

At the present time, we hardly know that Salomé Dekens is a child of the DDASS, who grew up from home to home before finding a family within the Auguste Armand Institute with Claire Guinot (Catherine Marchal) and of his son Louis. As in any good self-respecting soap, it would therefore not be surprising to finally see one of Salomé’s biological parents resurface soon. Or someone she may have known during one of her foster care placements.

This new plot should also begin shortly after the arrival in the series of Olivia Listrac (Virginie Caliari), a two-star chef specializing in vegan cuisine who will come to teach at the institute from April 23. . And who, according to Télé Star, will be particularly interested in Salomé.

“The chef Listrac will be particularly interested in Salomé”, reveals the magazine. “Not only the excellent reputation of the young woman has come down to her, but her personal journey – in particular her painful childhood – reminds her strongly of hers. Thus the new professor will get closer and closer to her student”.

So what if everything was linked? What if Olivia was somehow connected to Salomé’s past? Answer soon in Here it all begins.

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