Here it all begins: “Maxime is going to deceive Salomé” … The revelations of Clément Rémiens on the rest of the plot on TV

Guest of the Séries Mania Festival in Lille, Clément Rémiens told us about the evolution of Maxime in the next episodes of “Here everything begins” on TF1. And we notably teased a love triangle with Salomé and Ambre.

Here it all begins: "maxime is going to deceive salomé"... The revelations of clément rémiens on the rest of the plot on tv
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While Here it all begins will enter its second season this Monday, August 30 on TF1, with the start of a new school year at the Auguste Armand Institute, Clément Rémiens, the interpreter of Maxime Delcourt, was present today at Séries Mania, in Lille, with some of its gaming partners, to meet the public during a meeting organized with fans of the series.

The young actor, who was revealed by Tomorrow belongs to us before inheriting his own spin-off last year, gave us a long interview that you can find very soon in our Spotlight podcast, exceptionally relocated every day to Lille. throughout the duration of the festival. And in particular told us a little more about Maxime’s future and his desires in relation to the evolution of the character.

“It is a request on my part to soil the character of Maxime”, explains Clément Rémiens when asked if he wants Maxime to come out of his image as a perfect hero, or even an “ideal son-in-law”, as the scriptwriters of Here have themselves underlined, it all begins this summer at the bend of a dialogue.

“But even more than dirtying it. I want it to take shape. That it be more intense, more physical. For now, Maxime has taken care of everyone quite a bit, it’s the basis of the character, we’re not going to take that away from him, he’s a really nice person. An ideal kind, indeed (laughs) “.

“And when I pass among the film crews, I often hear of Maxime as being the” great sage of the mountain “, Caliméro, or the ideal son-in-law”, continues Clément Rémiens, who wears his character since the very first episode of Tomorrow belongs to us four years ago and who seems very invested in the scriptwriting trajectory of the latter. “It makes me smile, but we have to intensify it. It’s been almost a year on Here Everything Begins, so the time has come to develop Maxime”.

Here it all begins: "maxime is going to deceive salomé"... The revelations of clément rémiens on the rest of the plot on tv


And this evolution should not be long in being sketched through the couple formed by Maxime and Salomé (Aurélie Pons) since Clément Rémiens promises that one of the next intrigues to arrive on the air will bring some jolts to the two lovebirds of the Auguste Armand Institute.

“Things will change a little for Maxime and Salomé at the start of the school year. In a way, I hope, a little more intense”, confides Clément Rémiens before giving us a big revelation on the continuation of Here it all begins. “A kind of love triangle will be born with Amber. And Maxime will deceive Salomé. We will see for a while a slightly more temperamental Maxime. And then we will have to hold him, that’s what I’m working on, because all that has already been shot. We’ll have to fight for it to be more intense and more physical over time “.

You will understand, the attraction that Amber, one of the new students of the school embodied by Claire Romain, seems to feel for Maxime will therefore indeed give rise to a real rapprochement, then to an adventure between the two students. How will Salomé react when she finds out the truth? And what will be the repercussions on the couple she forms with Maxime? Answer in the continuation of Here it all starts on TF1 and Salto.

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