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In “Here everything begins”, Salomé is tested by everything that happens to her in the kitchen because of Charlène. She does not know that Thomas is also involved in all her misfortunes… To comfort her, he has a proposal to make to her.

In Here everything begins, Salomé (Aurélie Pons) is in the worst possible condition… For days, she has been going through a difficult period with Thomas (Ifig Brouard) and is also being abused by Charlène (Pola Petrenko) in the kitchen. The student is therefore in a bad patch…

Thomas’ crazy offer to Salome

To help her get better, her boyfriend has made her an unexpected proposal: he plans to buy a restaurant and hand it over to Salomé! In shock, she did not know what to answer… but in an extract revealed in advance by TF1the baker returns to the charge with his tempting offer.

In this sequence, Salomé is sitting on a bench feeling down after her shift. Charlene once again put on a show and did not have a modest triumph. Thomas, who is starting to know her a little, is not surprised by such behavior…

Salomé is upset knowing that her rival has stolen all her recipes with impunity… She does not know, however, that her dear and tender had a role to play in all these shenanigans! Protected by secrecy, he then took the opportunity to relaunch his companion on his establishment project.

Salomé ready to leave the Institute?

This one measures the chance that presents itself to it but is also aware that things are going quickly. She doubts she has the shoulders to perform in such a position… Thomas reassures her of her abilities, it is certain that she is quite capable of taking up this challenge!

To try to convince her a little more, he even tells her that a superb tree-lined terrace is part of the lot. Salomé is delighted to learn this and begins to let her guard down… She admits that this whole plan is completely crazy but that we have to try the adventure!

Will Salomé go all the way or will she discover Thomas’ machinations before that to keep her away from Gaëtan (Terence Telle)? To be continued in Here it all begins…

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