Here it all begins: Lucia Passaniti reacts to the last scene between Noémie and Teyssier -…

TF1 is broadcasting the last episode of “Here it all begins” tonight with Lucia Passaniti, who is leaving the series. The interpreter of Noémie reacts for us to his last scene with Benjamin Baroche (Teyssier) and to the surprise reconciliation between the two leaders.

End clap for Noémie in Here it all begins. After a year and a half spent in the shoes of the chef Matret, Lucia Passaniti leaves the daily soap opera of TF1 to devote herself to other projects, and explore other universes and other characters.

“Here everything begins remains an experience that will have been brilliant and very formative, but it is a very particular pace of work, which requires being completely involved in it. And today I want something else”confided to us a few days ago the interpreter of Noémie.

“In particular to write, and to try out other formats. In my conception of the acting profession, there is the fact of changing characters all the time and touching on a lot of things. And there, I I felt like I was starting to get frustrated”.

“Noémie leaves being at peace with everyone”

Tonight, fans of Here it all begins will be able to discover the last episode featuring Lucia Passaniti. Noémie, who had decided to put La Table des Rivières up for sale, will in fact receive an unexpected offer from Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) and will immediately fly to Singapore, where a job awaits her with a great pastry chef.

The start of a new chapter for Gaëtan’s ex (Terence Telle), and a nice way to come full circle with Teyssier, who was never kind to Noémie and even made his life hell at the start of his life. ‘Here everything begins.

“I was a little surprised at first, I hadn’t seen it coming (laughs)”confides Lucia Passaniti about this last scene shared with Benjamin Baroche and the work proposal made by Teyssier to his character. “But at the same time, I think it’s a very nice ending because this character suffered a lot, was in a constant fight for a year and a half”.

“She was bad luck, we can say that. And there, she leaves being at peace with everyone. Even with Teyssier. The fact that the circle is complete with Teyssier, I think it’s very pretty and very good thought. It’s great to have allowed this character who was never good to leave the series in peace”.

Here it all begins: lucia passaniti reacts to the last scene between noémie and teyssier -...

A somewhat abrupt end to the relationship between Noémie and Zacharie

Asked about the relationship between Noémie and Zacharie Landiras (Julien Alluguette), who have grown very close in recent weeks and lived a story without ties, Lucia Passaniti also told us that this plot had been imagined by the screenwriters before the announcement of his start of production. And that the relationship between the two characters would therefore have certainly continued if she had not made the decision to leave Here it all begins.

“The day I spoke about my departure with Sarah Farahmand, our producer, she told me that they had imagined this story between Noémie and Zacharie. And I imagine that if I had not left the series, it would have gone further. It would surely have grown and it would have lasted. Especially since the public seems to have liked this relationship a lot. And it is true that it is a story that makes sense because they both have a lot in common, they suffered a lot”.

This rapprochement, as stealthy as it was, will in any case have allowed Lucia Passaniti to share sequences with a new playing partner, Julien Alluguette, with whom she seems to have had a lot of fun playing during these few episodes.

“It feels good to change partners, to change energies, even if I love Terence (laughs)”admits the interpreter of Noémie, who will soon be found on France 3 in the TV movie L’oubliee d’Amboise, with Philippe Bas and Pauline Bression (Plus belle la vie).

“It was a little frustrating because in the end we didn’t play that much together Julien and I, this story went very quickly. But Julien has this incredible thing, when we play with him, we’re a bit like sucked in by his gaze, with his very blue eyes. It was very pleasant to shoot with him, he was a great partner”.

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