Here it all begins: Louis’ dirty trick that will change everything for the institute …

At the center of discussions for several weeks, will the Master imagined by Rose see the light of day in “Here everything begins”? Or will Louis side with Clotilde and vote against it? Discover the answer in an extract revealed by TF1.

For the past few weeks, Rose (Vanessa Demouy) is focused on a new project in Here it all starts : the creation of a two-year Master’s degree within the Auguste Armand Institute which would allow graduate students to perfect their training and further specialize before entering professional life.

A way for the screenwriters to breathe new life into the character of Rose, but also and above all to keep third year characters in the series like Salome (Aurelie Pons), Anais (Julie Sassoust), Enzo (Azize Diabate), and Charlene (Pola Petrenko), who should have said goodbye to school this summer.

“It’s an idea that we had and that we acted on this winter”, recently confided to our microphone the producer of Here it all begins, Sarah Farahmanabout this Master. “We asked ourselves the questions: what are we doing? Have we gone around these characters? Today, we have four who are in their final year. that the four will do the master? That, we will have to watch to find out. Are other students going to join them in the master? It is a possibility”.

“We hadn’t yet told everything about Anaïs, Charlène, Enzo and Salomé. We thought for a moment, saying to ourselves that they were going to set up a restaurant. It’s an idea that we abandoned because we risked have a story within the story. We had a lot of Glee in reference (…). In Glee, they had done that. It really felt like there were two parallel stories that didn’t have so much link (from season 4, editor’s note). And it was not something that we felt was a good idea on a daily series”.

And while the Master was still only a hypothetical project, and Clotilde (Elsa Lungini) ended up opposing his sister and trying to block it by all means, we finally know if this new course will see the light of day in Here it all begins thanks to an extract from the episode of Monday July 4 unveiled in advance by TF1. And as always, nothing will go as planned!

Louis betrays Clotilde at the time of the vote

In order to stop Rose and preserve, according to her, the institute’s original DNA, Clotilde announced to her sister that the establishment of this Master’s was subject to the vote of Auguste’s heirs (Francis Huster), as stipulated in the school rules. And chef Armand obviously turned to Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), his half-brother, in the hope of rallying him to his cause and convincing him to vote against the Master.

But Louis, who always has an idea behind his head, obviously took the opportunity to make a deal with Clotilde: in return for her vote against Rose’s idea, he let her know that he wanted a job as a chef in a prestigious New York restaurant where Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch) has already placed an alumnus. Implying that Clotilde would have to persuade Emmanuel to speak to the boss of the restaurant so that he replaces the chef in place with Louis.

Obviously, Chief Teyssier will refuse to give in to such blackmail. And Clotilde will therefore fall from above when she discovers what Louis has in store for her. In the excerpt in question, the three heirs of Auguste meet at Double A to proceed to the vote.

“So, who do I prefer? It’s difficult”launches in a mocking tone Louis to his sisters, who continue to tear because of the Master. “Listen, I will ask you only one thing, it is to reflect in all sincerity to know if this Master can be a real plus for the institute”Rose asks the young chef, hoping to see him follow her on this new course.

“Or if it’s a gimmick that tarnishes the image of our prestigious cooking school”adds for his part Clotilde to counter-attack. “Because that’s what we do at the base, right? Not food truck courses and accounting for start-ups”.

Here it all begins: louis' dirty trick that will change everything for the institute...

The vote then begins and Clotilde thinks she can savor her victory when she realizes that only Rose raises her hand to signify that she is voting in favor of the Master’s project. But it is misunderstanding Louis who has decided not to keep his word and finally sides with Rose by raising his hand at the last moment.

“What are you doing? I thought you thought that was an absurd idea”launches a totally shocked Clotilde to Louis. “I’ve been thinking since”then replies his brother. “I said to myself that some students needed help and that this Master’s would be very good for them”.

The excerpt from Here it all begins does not say what really prompted Louis to change his mind: did he want to make Clotilde pay for Emmanuel’s refusal to help him get a job as chef at New York? Or was he convinced by the arguments of Charlène who, in Monday’s episode, is going to explain to her boyfriend the reasons why she wants to join the Master at the start of the school year.

In any case, with two votes against one, “the Master is validated”, announces Rose to her brother and sister at the end of the sequence. Glad to see her project finally come to fruition.

Of course, you should never predict anything in Here it all begins, where the twists and turns follow one another at lightning speed. But everything suggests, for the moment, that the institute will indeed welcome a new course full of promise from the start of the school year. Which should undoubtedly change a lot of things for the series and for its heroes. But also for the new faces who will join the Master?

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