In the next episodes of “Here everything begins”, Lisandro Inesta should finally find love. And according to Agustin Galiana’s statements, the institute’s classroom teacher may well develop feelings for Anaïs (Julie Sassoust).

After his complicated adventure with Rose (Vanessa Demouy), Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) should finally find love in the next episodes of Here It All Begins. And the identity of the one who could well make his heart beat will not fail to amaze fans of the daily TF1 soap opera.

A few days ago, on the occasion of the broadcast of the 100th episode of Here it all begins on the front page, Agustin Galiana told us that his character would soon receive “several proposals” in terms of love. Including one in particular which would not be easy to accept for the room teacher at the Auguste Armand institute.

“He will have several proposals. It will be hot for Lisandro (laughs). He will notably have a proposal that is both difficult to accept and difficult to refuse. A proposal that he will have difficulty accepting in relation to his position as a teacher and in relation to his past “.

And if we are to believe the revelations of Agustin Galiana in the issue of Télé 7 Jours on newsstands this week, it is possibly a teacher-student relationship that the writers of Here it all begins have in store for us since Lisandro should get closer to ‘Anaïs (Julie Sassoust), Enzo’s girlfriend (Azize Diabate) and Salomé’s best friend (Aurélie Pons)!

Indeed, in the next episodes, Lisandro will have the task of appointing a student butler for the coming quarter. And it is on Anaïs that his choice will fall. “Charlène, Teyssier’s daughter believes it will be her, thanks to her excellent grades”, explains Agustin Galiana in the columns of Télé 7 jours. “Except that Lisandro thinks that this is not enough: you also have to have a good relationship, with colleagues, like customers. For him, Anaïs fits the profile better”.

But still according to the interpreter of Lisandro, who will soon be found in season 11 of Clem on TF1, all this could well hide more or less buried feelings for the young student: “Is he objective or is he falling under his spell? Mystery …”.

So, is Lisandro really going to have a love affair with Anaïs? Answer soon in Here it all begins.

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