Here it all begins: Lionel's family (Lucien Belvès) will land in the series - News Séries on TV

Here it all begins: Lionel’s family (Lucien Belvès) will land in the series – News Séries on TV

After Greg’s parents or Mehdi’s mother, it’s the turn of Lionel’s father and the latter’s two sisters to be introduced in “Here everything begins”. The opportunity to focus on Lionel, who will find himself at the heart of an intrigue with Kelly.

Since its launch last November on TF1, Here everything begins has multiplied the intrigues focusing on one of the students of the institute. Each time, revealing part of their family history. And it is, it seems, not about to stop.

After Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), who had to deal with a trauma linked to her parents, or Salomé (Aurélie Pons), who finally found her biological mother and discovered that she was the half-sister by Laetitia (Florence Coste), the writers of Here it all begins will indeed soon be interested in the family of Lionel Lanneau, played by Lucien Belvès.

In the next episodes of the successful daily soap opera, Lionel’s father, Stéphane Lanneau, played by Pierre Benezit, and the two younger sisters of the first-year student at the Auguste Armand Institute will leave Lyon, where they are from. originally, to come and settle in a village not far from Calvières, where the cooking school is located.

And as revealed an extract unveiled in preview by TF1, the reunion will be joyful for the little family, especially since Lionel’s father and sisters seem very proud of the path chosen by the latter. “My son, he doesn’t need to revise, he’s a genius”, launches Stéphane Lanneau to his son when the latter confesses to him that he will not be able to spend the day with them because of his revisions.

Screenshot / TF1

“We just arrived, it would be nice to see you for a bit”, adds Lionel’s father before finally managing to convince him to stay. “That way, you can prepare a little gastro dish for us, so we can see how you have progressed”.

Having moved near the institute, will Lionel’s family settle down permanently in the intrigues, or will she only appear in the series for a few episodes? The future will tell. But what is certain is that their arrival will coincide with the start of a new ark which will be centered on Lionel and Kelly (Axelle Dodier).

A plot that will begin this evening in Here everything begins and which will stage a culinary rivalry between Greg’s best friend and Laetitia’s daughter, who works for the moment as a babysitter in the school but who plans to pass the entrance exam from the start of the school year. Will this focus on Lionel allow us to learn a little more about the character and his past? Highly possible.

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