Here it all begins: Lionel causes a fire at the institute, another student caught in the flames? [SPOILERS]

In the next episodes of ‘Here everything begins “, Lionel, at worst because of the anniversary of his mother’s death, will cause a fire at the institute. And another student, victim of the blaze, will be hospitalized in a disturbing condition.

Here it all begins: lionel causes a fire at the institute, another student caught in the flames? [spoilers]
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While the entrance examination is in full swing in Here everything begins, the Auguste Armand Institute will be the scene, at the end of the week, of a new drama which could well have disastrous consequences for several characters.

After the explosion which ravaged part of the school last January and seriously injured Maxime (Clément Rémiens), the renowned culinary establishment run by Emmanuel Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) will indeed be struck by a fire during of the episode which will be broadcast this Friday, August 27 on TF1. And the person responsible for this incident will be none other than Lionel (Lucien Belves)!

In the next episodes of Here It All Begins, Lionel will have a hard time facing the anniversary of his mother’s death. The young man feels guilty for not having been able to say goodbye to him, since he was in Patagonia with Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) and Chief Delobel when his mother died of a stroke three years ago.

Already on edge because of his family, who once again want to commemorate this sad anniversary, Lionel will then attack Greg, his best friend, who he will blame for missing the annual Lanneau dinner – and therefore not to have been there for him at this difficult moment – to help Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo), whose car burst an hour’s drive from Calvières.

At worst, Lionel will start playing with fire, literally. And in a new excerpt from Here everything begins unveiled in preview on MyTF1, Lionel lights a candle in the students’ foyer and sets his blindfold on fire, his eyes absent.

Here it all begins: lionel causes a fire at the institute, another student caught in the flames? [spoilers]

Screenshot / TF1

Unfortunately, the young student ends up releasing the blindfold and drops the candle in the trash, wanting to extinguish the blindfold which continues to burn. The situation does not take long to degenerate. In a fragment of seconds, it is a veritable inferno that emerges from the trash and spreads within the home.

Lionel remains there, motionless and impassive. He watches the room catch fire. And according to the synopsis posted online by TF1, this fire will not be without consequences since one of the students, probably a victim of flames or smoke, will be admitted to the hospital in a worrying state.

A dramatic event that will launch a new investigation within the Auguste Armand Institute. After finding a piece of the scarf that Lionel burnt, Antoine will do everything to find his owner. And so the person responsible for the fire.

Will Lionel end up being unmasked? Taken with remorse, will he on the contrary admit everything? Or will he turn arsonist and be guilty of more fires? Answer in the continuation of Here it all starts on TF1 and Salto.

The trailer for the next episodes of Here It All Begins:

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