Here it all begins: Laetitia ready to forget Guillaume in Tony’s arms? …

Here it all begins Laetitia ready to forget Guillaume in

After the separation of Laetitia and Guillaume in “Here everything begins”, Tony finally confesses his feelings and the real reason for his coming to Calvières to the young woman. But how will she react to his statement?

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Shortly after his arrival in Calvières several weeks ago in Here it all startsTony (Kevin Dias) revealed the real reasons for his visit to his new friend Gaëtan (Terence Telle). It must be said that the sports teacher of the Auguste Armand institute very quickly understood that the young man was hiding something.

Moreover, it did not take long to discover that Tony had been the victim of a serious car accident which almost cost him his life. Following this traumatic event, the young man took stock of his life and the people who meant a lot to him. And that’s when he remembered his passionate romance with Laetitia (Florence Coste) the time of a summer when they were harvesting.

However, the young woman was unfortunately in a relationship with Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) when they reunited after more than 18 years. He therefore decided to hide the real reasons for his installation in the region from her to preserve his romantic relationship. But the recent separation of the young woman and the assistant principal now gives Tony the opportunity to tell her the truth.

What if one of the series’ iconic couples is in danger of breaking up?, Tony and Laetitia could find themselves after their very long separation thanks to the help of Gaëtan. Indeed, it is the sports teacher who will reveal the feelings of his friend to his colleague.

While Laetitia is totally upset by this news, Tony is up against the wall and has no other choice but to tell her how he feels.


In a new exclusive excerpt available on MYTF1, Tony and Laetitia break the ice after Gaëtan’s revelations. The young man takes his courage in both hands and confesses the whole truth to the one he loves. From his car accident to his budding feelings, he admits having come to Calvières to find her.

When he saw him for the first time, he had confirmation that their complicity was still present and that a potential sequel to their brief love affair was possible. However, he decided not to say anything so as not to destroy his relationship with Guillaume. And if now Laetitia is single, he does not want to force any story between them despite his attraction to her.

For her part, the young woman is troubled by her confidences but decides to share with her in turn what she feels by telling her: “Me too, I like you, even if I had never asked myself the question before.“Unfortunately, the conversation is interrupted by Solal who asks them to join the guests to celebrate the inauguration of the coffee shop.

So, is a future possible between Tony and Laetitia? In any case, it seems that their feelings are mutual. And now that Guillaume is no longer a brake on their relationship, they could well rekindle the flame of their past idyll.

But will they take the leap? How Kelly (Axelle Dodier) will she react to this potential new love story? Will Guillaume learn of their rapprochement? Answer in the next episodes of Here everything begins.

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