Here it all begins: “Laetitia and Vincent will have to overcome a lot of obstacles” according to Florence Coste

Laetitia and Vincent still have a future together in “Here everything begins”? Florence Coste, the interpreter of the guardian of the institute, returns for us on this complicated love story and on the atypical relationship between Laetitia and Kelly.

Here it all begins: "laetitia and vincent will have to overcome a lot of obstacles" according to florence coste
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AlloCiné: How did you get into the Here Everything Begins adventure? Have you had a casting or is it TF1 who thought of you after H24?

Florence coste : I think it’s a bit of a mixture of the two. They certainly thought of me after H24, but I still had a casting. After the first confinement, last May. So I knew pretty quickly that I was going to be part of the Here Everything Begins adventure, but our characters, with Axelle Dodier, arrived a little after the others. So it was quite frustrating, because I was so happy and I couldn’t wait for it to start for me. But when the series started to air, I was already getting my first texts, so I could immerse myself in the atmosphere and see my future colleagues, it was quite neat.

You find Bruno Putzulu, with whom you had played in H24. It must have been a nice surprise …

Absolutely. In addition Bruno was in my first sequence, because the first scene from Here Everything Begins that we shot with Axelle is our arrival at the institute. When we meet Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) and Guillaume, played by Bruno. So symbolically, it was nice that he was there, it’s true.

What did you particularly like about the character of Laetitia?

He’s a very rich character, who allows plenty of possibilities. When it was offered to me I said to myself “He’s a great character, but he’s still a character who is a bit far from me.” It was not obvious, Laetitia did not look like the characters I was usually offered. So I was under a bit of pressure, but I took it as a nice challenge. There was a bit of composition to be found. What’s great is that Laetitia has a lot of temperament. She has a fairly uninhibited, childish, mischievous character. His sequences make me laugh a lot. Since she lies a lot, because she’s a bit of a mythomaniac character, she puts herself in impossible situations and it’s pretty funny to play.

And on the other hand, there are real issues behind it. His life has not been easy. She got pregnant when she was 16, the daddy left, she had no family to rely on. She always managed on her own and went from struggle to struggle. And today she really wants to get out of it. There are really these two sides to play and it brings a lot of color to this character. Then there is also the relationship with Kelly which I really liked. This is quite unusual, as it’s Kelly who is the more mature of the two and often tries to reframe her mom doing anything. That too is quite tasty to play.

We imagine that Laetitia’s past will be dug little by little, but to prepare for the role, have you tried to understand the reasons for her mythomania?

Yes, completely. Of course, I found these moments of mythomania very funny to play. I was like “It’s amazing, she says really nonsense” (laughs). But I had to understand why she does that, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to play it well. So I imagined what his life was, what his childhood was. And what I built his mythomania on is his vulnerable side. Behind her very comfortable, very sunny and smiling appearance, Laetitia has no self-confidence at all. She doesn’t want to manipulate people, but she feels like what she is, and her reality, is not enough for others to appreciate and love her. Especially men. So she invents a more glamorous life, a more selling personality and profession. She tells herself that’s how people are going to like her. So I think it makes her touching, even though she’s totally imperfect and she can put herself in unlikely situations.

Here it all begins: "laetitia and vincent will have to overcome a lot of obstacles" according to florence coste


Finally, we have the impression that Laetitia is a great romantic …

She is totally romantic! She’s a blue flower at an impossible level (laughs). Me, in life, I’m a bit like that, but Laetitia is really on a level above. She dreams of Prince Charming. Obviously, so far, it hasn’t gone very well, because she’s moved around a lot, and also because her lies have made her relationships fail. She’s romantic but it’s not really grounded in reality. She has a somewhat idealized vision of Prince Charming. It is almost a child’s gaze that she has on it. This is also what makes it not always work and that the men opposite do not understand what is happening.

The relationship between Laetitia and Kelly is complicated. Laetitia seems, in subtext, to have the impression of having sacrificed her youth for her daughter, while Kelly seems to think that her mother has always put men before her. And he is angry with him for passing her off as his sister. How would you describe this atypical relationship?

That too was a real job. Already to accept that Laetitia was a very imperfect mother. But despite everything, and despite the fact that indeed Laetitia has the impression that Kelly has prevented her from experiencing a lot of things, there is a lot of love between them, and I hope that we will feel it there. ‘screen. They are each the only person the other can count on. There are conflicts, of course, but their relationship is beautiful. And even if Laetitia would like to have a man in her life, she will never let Kelly down. It is an ambiguous relationship. They are very close, and at the same time they can often sting where it hurts. It’s not a usual mother-daughter relationship. They are like friends in fact. It’s very cool to play, and with Axelle Dodier we hit it off right away. And we worked a lot with the coach who is present on the set, in order to make this relationship credible and to explore its subtleties.

Kelly and Laetitia will they manage to protect their secret for a long time? Or will someone soon find out that they are not sisters?

For now, it’s holding (laughs). Laetitia manages to protect her secret quite well. We will see how it evolves …

Finally, the characters who hide a huge secret, you know, after H24 …

That’s right, there was also a big secret. And there was also the fact that my character in H24 is mom. There, in Here it all begins, I am the mother of a teenager, so that’s something else. But the single-parent family, the mother who is forced to try to get out of a difficult situation for her child, it is true that there are similarities. Points on which I can recognize Tiphaine.

Here it all begins: "laetitia and vincent will have to overcome a lot of obstacles" according to florence coste

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Laetitia immediately fell under the spell of Vincent Gaissac. But in the episode of Here It All Begins airing Friday, Vincent ended their fledgling relationship after learning she lied to him about her job. Is this really the end of their story, or will Laetitia fight to win him back?

What is certain is that it is a real crush between Laetitia and Vincent (Flavio Parenti). A story that could begin simply, in a very beautiful way. But my character’s lies complicate matters. In Friday’s episode, Laetitia took her courage in both hands since she told Vincent the truth. For her it was very difficult, but it was Kelly who made her understand that if she wanted things to go well with Vincent, she had to change her way of doing things. So she tried it, but it didn’t have the desired effects. This can be understood because Vincent has just been confronted in the series with the fact that Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) lied to him for years about Jeremy’s paternity. So, for him, lies don’t work at all. Laetitia fell badly. But she will try to get it back. Even if it’s complicated. Laetitia and Vincent will have to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to live this story.

Do you have any wishes for your character? Maybe characters that you would like her to interact with more?

It is true that we meet a lot on the set, all. But we only play with a small part of the actors. So, yes, I would love to play with the friends I meet at the hotel but who I am not touring with yet. And I would like to explore Laetitia’s past as well. Her family, where she comes from. It would be interesting to dig on that side to understand a little better its course.

Along with Here it all begins, do you have other projects you can talk about?

For the moment, I am very focused on Here everything begins. I also do theater, although all that is at a standstill at the moment. But I already have projects that are ready for the recovery, which we hope to be in not too long. In particular an adaptation to the theater of Titanic, with a great company called Les Moutons Noirs. We premiered this play last September, just during the shooting window where we could still play in the theater. And so as soon as the theaters reopen we’ll start our tour. And I have another show too, which is a montage of texts on the poets involved. A very nice text which resonates particularly in this complicated period.

Interview by telephone on February 10, 2021.

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