Here it all begins: jealous of Lisandro's ex, Anaïs will "try everything for everything" according to Julie Sassoust - News Séries on TV

Here it all begins: jealous of Lisandro’s ex, Anaïs will “try everything for everything” according to Julie Sassoust – News Séries on TV

Jeremiah Dunand

Jeremiah Dunand

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Tomorrow belongs to us, Here everything begins, Un Si Grand Soleil … soap operas have no secrets for this lover of soap, and their resurrected characters, victims of amnesia, or secretly linked by blood to their neighbors. Of course, one day he will live in Sète… or in Genoa City.

This week in “Here everything begins”, the arrival of Fanny, the ex of Lisandro, will arouse the jealousy of Anaïs. And according to Julie Sassoust and Agustin Galiana, this event should serve as a trigger for their characters. Before a beautiful love story?

Will the feelings that Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) and Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) seem to have for each other will they finally give birth to a great and beautiful love story in Here it all begins? This is what the statements of their interpreters suggest. But not before an intense jealousy invades Anaïs in the next episodes of the daily series of TF1.

As revealed in the trailer visible in the player above, Lisandro will be surprised this week to see a client unlike any other arrive at the Double A application restaurant: Fanny (Anaïs Fabre), a former colleague with whom he had a love affair more than fifteen years ago.

A reunion that will not please Anaïs who, despite being still in a relationship with Enzo (Azize Diabate), has become very close to her classroom teacher in recent weeks and struggles to hide that she is falling for him.

“At first, Anaïs takes what she feels laughing at because she doesn’t see where it can lead her. But when Fanny comes back to Lisandro’s life, Anais is dead of jealousy”, says Julie Sassoust in the issue of Télé Star magazine on newsstands today. “She’s suppressed her feelings so much that she doesn’t understand what’s going on. She’s going to have to accept it though. She’s going to try everything without thinking about the consequences.”.

Screenshot / TF1

“Thanks to [Fanny], [Lisandro] understands what he really feels for Anaïs. And that scares him “, explains Agustin Galiana to our colleagues. “Anaïs will have the courage to reveal her feelings to him. It is touching to see two people crossed by contradictory feelings try to fight and end up succumbing despite the risks. They are two magnets”.

In short, despite the obstacles and the hierarchical teacher-student relationship that exists between them within the Auguste Armand Institute, Lisandro and Anaïs should end up living a real romantic relationship if we are to believe the two actors from Here it all begins. . “She admires Lisandro. He helps her progress, has confidence in her. As for Anaïs, she soothes him, they sincerely love each other”, continues Julie Sassoust, who admits that the story between her character and Enzo was “to run out” and that Anaïs had “need something else”.

It remains to be seen how Enzo will react to finding out the truth about his girlfriend’s feelings for their teacher. And if Anaïs and Lisandro will really be able to live out their love in broad daylight within the school.

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