Here it all begins: “It was a difficult decision”… Lucia Passaniti (Noémie) explains…

After Clément Rémiens, it’s Lucia Passaniti’s turn to leave “Here everything begins”. While his last episode will be broadcast on Monday on TF1, the interpreter of Noémie Matret returns for us to the reasons for his departure and discusses his projects.

Here it all begins: "it was a difficult decision"... Lucia passaniti (noémie) explains...

AlloCiné: Like Clément Rémiens a few weeks ago, you are going to leave Here it all starts after a year and a half spent in the shoes of Noémie Matret. What motivated this decision?

Lucia Passaniti : Here it all begins remains an experience that will have been brilliant and very formative, but it is a very particular pace of work, which requires you to be completely involved in it. And today I want something else. In particular to write, and to try out other formats. In my conception of the profession of actor, there is the fact of changing characters all the time and touching on a lot of things. And there, I felt that I was starting to get frustrated.

Was the fact that Noémie is less present in the intrigues since her resignation from the institute also a factor in this decision?

I’ve always had things to play with this character, but it’s true that when you shoot in a series like Here it all begins, you have to give priority to that. And giving priority to a project on which we are less in demand does not help to organize ourselves for the rest. Because in the end I had a lot fewer shooting days, it must be admitted. But I couldn’t necessarily commit to other projects.

When did you announce your desire to go into production?

I told them about it in September. It gave the authors time to plan the sequel for Noémie, and it also allowed us to shoot what was already planned. In the end, I’m happy, Noémie had a nice end. It had to be put in place and done correctly, rather than a rather sudden departure, which would have been a shame. He is a character who was important and whom I really enjoyed playing.

Here it all begins: "it was a difficult decision"... Lucia passaniti (noémie) explains...

How did TF1 and the production of Here Everything Begin react?

They reacted very well, because we have very good relations. And it’s not like I’m leaving saying that I hated this project and that it was hell (laughs). It’s not that at all. They understood that I needed to do something else. We are on very good terms.

It’s funny because every time I talk about it, I feel like we’re talking about a breakup (laughs). Even if there is surely a little of that. But it went very well and I even hope to be able to come back from time to time, or at least once, to play a nice plot if I am offered it. It would touch me a lot and I would find it very nice compared to everything the series has represented for me.

What will you remember from this adventure?

I remember a lot of things. Of course the meetings. Because this famous daily rhythm which is very intense makes me feel like I have spent five years with this whole team. It is a very special experience. We have forged very strong ties and I know that there are actors in the series who will really remain friends, with whom I am still in contact and with whom I want to do things.

And then, we had this crazy chance, in the middle of Covid, to work continuously. Casually, it was as if I was following a second training. Thanks to Here it all begins, I have more than learned this trade. I was already working before, but now it became very clear. The set no longer has any secrets for me, I know myself as an actress, it allowed me to become much more efficient. And that is quite exceptional, so I leave rich with all that.

Do you have a message for all viewers of the series?

Simply thank you. It is thanks to the public that we exist. Thank you for following the series so many. Since my departure was announced, I have received many messages. Very touching messages from people who are sad that I am leaving the series but who wish me the best and can’t wait to see what I do next. It touches me a lot and does me a lot of good.

Leaving such a project is never easy. It was a very difficult, scary decision. So this kind of messages, it gives me confidence and it allows me to go in a more serene way towards the future. So concretely, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Here it all begins: "it was a difficult decision"... Lucia passaniti (noémie) explains...

What are your projects, now that the Here it all begins page is turning?

I shot Meurtres à Amboise, for France 3, which will eventually become L’Oubliée d’Amboise. It’s a detective TV movie directed by Sylvie Ayme, and in which I shot with Philippe Bas, Pauline Bression, Olivier Chantreau, and Anton Rival. And it was a pretty awesome shoot, I can’t wait to see what the public’s feedback will be on this unit. I’m very grateful to Sylvie, who gave me a difficult role, for which I had to find some special emotions. I was lucky to have such a role.

And otherwise, at the moment, I’m writing, but I’ll talk about it more precisely the day this project will be more successful, because writing is always long. I also started working on a feature film, which will be Benjamin Kühn’s first film. The working sessions are absolutely amazing, and if the filming goes as well as that, chances are it’s going to be a really nice movie. And what’s more, it’s a big difference with Here it all begins because it’s very different, it’s independent cinema.

There is also theater that should happen. And I’m part of a collective called Les Caps, with which we set ourselves the challenge of making one short film per month, which is no small feat (laughs). But it’s going very well, a film that we made in a week was presented at the Paris Courts Devant festival a few weeks ago and was bought by Canal, so it’s great.

I was afraid of the aftermath Here it all starts, because on a daily basis you quickly get the hang of working all the time, you get used to it. I was afraid of having nothing afterwards, so I really prepared it (laughs). And there I run in all directions, I don’t have a minute to myself, but it’s pretty awesome.

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