Here it all begins: is the departure of Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) final? The creator of…

At the end of last week, Guillaume resigned from the institute and left “Here everything begins”. Is Bruno Putzulu’s departure final? Or will we see him again soon? Othman Mahfoud, who co-created the series, and Florence Coste respond.

After Clement Remiens, Lucia Passaniti, Sarah Fitrior more recently Rebecca Benhamoura new historical comedian fromHere it all starts bid farewell to the daily TF1 soap opera at the end of last week. In the episode broadcast on Friday September 16, viewers witnessed the departure of Guillaume Devaut, embodied since the very first episode by Bruno Putzulu.

Absent for a few weeks, following his sudden break with Laetitia (Florence Coste), Guillaume, who had shown a pathological jealousy towards Tony (Kevin Dias), reappeared on Friday at the Auguste Armand Institute. But his return was short-lived as he announced to Emmanuel (Benjamin Baroch) and Antoine (Frederic Diefenthal) that he was resigning from his position as assistant principal of the culinary establishment.

The character thus bid farewell to Kelly (Axelle Dodier) and Clotilde (Elsa Lungini) during two very moving sequences, before leaving the institute. And the series. For real ?

Asked a few days ago about the departure of Bruno Putzulu during the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, Othman Mahfoudwho created Here it all starts with Eric Fuhrer and Coline Assous, told us that a return was not impossible. Although not on the agenda at the moment.

“Nothing is final”explained to our microphone the one who now ensures the collection management of the soap opera. “There, indeed, he leaves the series. But Here everything begins is a soap opera, everything is possible. We do not forbid ourselves anything for the future and Guillaume could quite come back one day”.

A feeling shared by Florence Coste, the interpreter of Laetitia Rigaut, who also told us that she hoped to see Bruno Putzulu in the series one day. “In any case, I think it’s a departure for a while. Afterwards, as we’ve seen, often characters return for specific arches, so a return is not at all excluded. I hope that we’ll see him again”.

Here it all begins is the departure of Guillaume Bruno

“It’s always a bit moving, when we have shared so many scenes with someone, that they are suddenly no longer with us”continued Florence Coste during the interview she gave us as part of the La Rochelle Festival. “And on the set, Here it all starts, it’s really a big family. But Bruno has lots of projects, he likes the theater a lot and will have more time to devote to it. So beautiful things await him, I am happy for him”.

As for the end of the love story between Laetitia and Guillaume, which had lasted for several months now, Florence Coste seems to see it as a step towards something more positive for her character. As well as the possibility for Laetitia to be alone, for the moment in any case, and to be able to refocus a little on herself, her work, and her daughter.

“It was an important relationship that marked a real step in Laetitia’s career. There she needs to be a little alone. It’s also cool to think that everything doesn’t always revolve around boys. Because everything revolved a lot around boys for Laetitia. But I think the next time will be the right one. She will get there, I wish her anyway. To have her real, beautiful love story, it’s her dream. So I hope she will reach it”.

Could Tony be Laetitia’s great love? Or do the authors still have other surprises in store for us? Answer soon in Here it all begins, who will begin to take an interest in the question of Kelly’s paternity over the next few weeks.

Here it all starts every evening on TF1 at 6:30 p.m. and ahead of Salto.

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