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In an unpublished extract from an episode of “Here it all begins”, Emmanuel is about to embark on the Chefs Championship but his health worries his loved ones… Is his disease of multiple sclerosis in the process of ‘to get worse ?

The health of Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) worries in Here it all begins… Indeed, as he prepares to enter the Chefs Championship, the director of the Auguste Armand Institute has a heated discussion with Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini), then his state of health challenges…

The Chefs Championship is launched

In an unpublished extract from an episode of the soap opera unveiled in advance by TF1, the teacher officiates as mistress of ceremonies to open the festivities. Participants, students and even journalists made the trip so as not to miss the kick-off of the prestigious and long-awaited competition.

Clotilde presents the four competitors: Cécile Meyer, Ferrigno, Théo (Khaled Alouach) and Emmanuel. She specifies in front of everyone that if the quartet was chosen, it is because they each won an important award: the Vatel prize, the French Pastry Championship, the prize for the most innovative cook of the year. and that of the best restaurant.

Rose’s sister (Vanessa Demouy) continues and specifies that they will be assisted by eight clerks who have not been unworthy so that they can be their second in the kitchen. Clotilde tells the assembly that she is very proud that the event takes place within the walls of the school once created by her father.

Teyssier in danger?

After wishing the participants good luck, she returns the floor to applause. Clotilde will then discuss with Teyssier. She offers him a glass of champagne but he refuses it. Surprised, she asks him if he doesn’t feel very well again.

Proud, Emmanuel assures that he is in great shape and that he does not need his false solicitude. Clotilde insists and would like to know if the multiple sclerosis from which her colleague suffers might not be reappearing…

True to form, the director rebuffs her… except that she notices that his interlocutor is suddenly bleeding from the nose. A sign of the evolution of his illness which is getting worse? To be continued in Here it all begins.

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