Here it all begins: is Alika Del Sol (Caroline) leaving the series for good?  - News Series on TV

Here it all begins: is Alika Del Sol (Caroline) leaving the series for good? – News Series on TV

Tonight in “Here everything begins” on TF1, Caroline Rivière (Alika Del Sol), responsible for the theft at the institute, ends up saying goodbye to her children and leaving the salt marshes. Will we see her again in the rest of the series?

Ludivine, Louane, and Gaëtan Rivière have they just severed ties with their mother in Here everything begins? It is in all that suggests the episode broadcast tonight on TF1, which sees Caroline Rivière (Alika Del Sol) bid farewell to her children after what is akin to lies and betrayal too much.

Forced by her family and by Noémie (Lucia Passaniti) to tell the whole truth to Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal), Caroline ends up confessing to the head of the Auguste Armand institute that it was she who stole the bottles of wine which mysteriously faded away. Very disappointed, Antoine, who had nevertheless placed his trust in the ex-detainee, is therefore obliged to file a complaint and dismiss Caroline for serious misconduct.

But against all odds, Gaëtan (Terence Telle) intervenes and pleads his mother’s cause with Antoine who finally agrees to cover Caroline and make Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche), recently appointed head of the school, believe that the bottles were broken and the broken glass was found in a garbage can.

All’s well that ends almost well for Caroline Rivière who, if she therefore escapes a return to prison, must still leave the salt marshes and say goodbye to her children. Because as Gaëtan points out to her, she did not know how to seize the second chance that had been offered to her by her family and is no longer welcome under their roof. “You’re no longer welcome here. So there’s no point in trying to contact us, and neither is the institute.”, launches the sports teacher, who does not seem to forgive him anytime soon.

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After hugging Ludivine (Alizée Bochet) one last time, Caroline was happy to see Louane (Sidney Cadot-Sambosi) land in extremis, who refused to speak to her again. And it is when saying goodbye to her daughter that a sentence pronounced by Caroline lets viewers think that the Rivières will never see their mother again: “I thought I could never tell you again: I love you so much”.

So, did Caroline Rivière just make her last appearance in Here it all begins? Contacted by us, TF1 told us that Alika Del Sol was leaving tonight “For an undetermined time”, thus choosing to unravel the mystery as to the future of the character played by the actress seen in particular in Sam on the same channel, but also in Mortal on Netflix.

What is certain is that Caroline will not appear in the series for, at least, the next three weeks. And everything suggests that his absence should last even longer. But anything is possible in soaps, and it would therefore not be surprising that, despite Gaëtan’s decision to no longer have contact with her mother, Caroline will soon resurface in her children’s lives. Case to follow.

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