Here it all begins: “I would love to share an intrigue with Clément Rémiens” confides Terence Telle

Gaëtan and Noémie will they finally get closer in “Here everything begins” on TF1? Terence Telle tells us more about this relationship, about his first months of filming in the series, and about his desires for the future of his character.

AlloCiné: You play Gaëtan Rivière since the launch of Here it all begins. How did you get into this adventure?

Terence Such : A few months after filming Too Young for Me, I tried out for the role of Gaëtan in Here everything begins and everything happened. I arrived on this series with a lot of luck, because I was very afraid that the project would be delayed or fall apart due to the health crisis. And finally the series was able to see the light of day on time and I am delighted to be part of this fabulous experience.

What did you particularly like about the character of Gaëtan?

He’s a sportsman, who plays tough, but he’s still a very sensitive person. He is very protective of his sisters, even if it means alienating everyone. He wants to protect his sisters whom he loves so much and whom he raised during his youth. He put aside his sporting and personal life to take care of them. I find it very interesting. He’s someone who almost did great things in sport, and the fact that he sacrificed everything for his sisters, I find that quite beautiful. It’s an aspect of Gaëtan’s personality that touches me a lot.

Gaëtan recently joined the Auguste Armand Institute as a sports teacher. Did you know from the start what the authors had in store for him professionally?

No, not from the start, it came a little later. It was a pretty big surprise. I was delighted. My dream would be to have my photo on the talent wall (laughs). I don’t know if it’s possible for Gaëtan, as a sports teacher. But it would be classy to have my photo next to those of Francis Huster and Catherine Marchal! I would take a selfie that I would keep for a very long time to show it later to my children and tell them “You see, dad was a sports teacher at the Auguste Armand institute” (laughs).

It’s a development that is obviously interesting for you in terms of the game, because it allows Gaëtan to get out of the family circle and interact with many other characters within the school …

Yes it’s clear. Of course, this is something I was missing. I was eager to move on to the period when I was returning to the institute, because at the beginning I felt a little apart. I didn’t shoot a lot there and it made me a little sad. And that’s also what Gaëtan’s character lacked to be, in my opinion, appreciated at its true value by viewers, because we saw him an episode here, an episode there. And every time he got confused with his mother (laughs). And there I think that the more it will go, the more we will see him open up and interact with the other characters of the institute. This will necessarily be beneficial in his work as a sports teacher. And for me it’s a pleasure to be able to share sequences with as many actors as possible.

Since his arrival at the institute, relations have been quite tense between Noémie and Gaëtan. Are they going to continue to wage war on each other for long?

That’s a very good question (laughs). I think that with Noémie the relations are necessarily conflictual, because their pedagogy and their subjects are completely different. She manages the pastry class, it’s an art. You have to be very careful with the recipes, with the visual aspect. Whereas when we play sports, we are rarely glamorous. These are two completely different universes that meet within the school and that is what is extremely interesting. We will see how they are going to succeed in working in the same environment despite their differences.

Can we hope for a romantic rapprochement between these two characters?

I can’t say anything, but personally, as Terence, I find Lucia Passaniti to be a very beautiful woman (laughs). But does Gaëtan like Noémie? I couldn’t tell. I don’t want to risk spoiling what’s going to happen next.

Here it all begins: "i would love to share an intrigue with clément rémiens" confides terence telle

Screenshot / TF1

And between Gaëtan and his mother, will things eventually calm down?

We are currently in a relationship that is strained. But it’s a bit normal because these are two characters that are strong. Caroline (Alika Del Sol) came back to apologize, but she is a woman with a strong character. To do so many heists, you have to have guts, courage. His past reflects this. And obviously, I hope that will work out between them, even if, once again, I do not really know what the writers have in store for us for the rest of the plot.

It immediately stuck between Alika Del Sol, Alizée Bochet, Sidney Cadot-Sambosi, and you on the set?

Yes, the four of us get along really well. We have a group chat all together, and each time at the end she signs “Kisses, Mum”. It goes beyond the series. I really have a very close relationship with my mother and my fictional sisters. You couldn’t predict it, but the production did a great job of casting. And the more it goes, the more this link will be seen on the screen I think.

You participated in Danse avec les stars the same year as Clément Rémiens. And yet you still haven’t had a scene with him in It All Begins. Isn’t that too frustrating?

Yes, of course. I would love to tour with Clément, because he’s a very good friend of mine. From Dancing with the stars, we immediately got on really well. I love this guy and I can’t wait to shoot this scene together. But maybe we already shot it and it just hasn’t been on the air yet (laughs). I can not say anything. But I would love to share a plot with Clément, or in any case tour regularly with him. Humanly, I adore him. Every time I see him I know I’m going to have a good day.

Do you have any wishes concerning the evolution of Gaëtan?

I would like to deepen the comedy side of the character. Because until now he has been quite revered (laughs). And I think there is a comedic side to him that begs to be explored. And also the action side, like what happened recently with the explosion. And finally, said like that, it’s a little weird, but I was a fan of the One, Back, Tres series when I was younger, so I would love to do a little dancing on the show. It would be a nice nod to Dance with the Stars as well. But I’m aware that it’s not easy to put in place in Here everything begins (laughs).

At the same time, it would be a shame if the authors did not take advantage, at one time or another, of the presence in the casting of four former candidates of Dance with the stars…

Right, dancing and baking (laughs). There is Azize Diabate, Clément, and Agustin Galiana too. It would surely be a bit cliché, the four former DALS candidates who are doing a dance show at the Auguste Armand Institute. But I would find it very cool to shoot anyway.

What conclusions do you draw after these first three months of broadcasting?

I’m still fairly new to the business, compared to some who knew very young that they wanted to become an actor and who took courses to do so. I fell into this a bit by chance, and my life path is a bit special. But after these three months I realize that this is what I want to do with my life. I changed my orientation a lot of times because I modeled, I studied architecture. I even hosted a show for Canal + a little while ago and I knew straight away that it wasn’t my thing. But there, after three months, and also after the shooting in Mauritius with Hélène de Fougerolles, I know that I want to continue on this path. It took me a while, because I’m not 19 either, but it’s never too late to find your calling.

Do you have any upcoming projects outside of Here It All Begins that you can talk about?

I will soon be seen on TF1 in the TV movie Beside, with Jarry. And besides that I continue to be quite present on social networks. I try to find talented artists to showcase on my Insta and TikTok accounts. I want my presence on social networks to be a way to promote interesting people. And to collaborate with singers, musicians, or actors. I have already posted some sketches on my pages, and this is something that is very close to my heart as well.

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