Here it all begins: discover the new credits with Eliott, Greg, Hortense, and Louis - News Series on TV

Here it all begins: discover the new credits with Eliott, Greg, Hortense, and Louis – News Series on TV

Jeremiah Dunand

Jeremiah Dunand

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Cradled from childhood to the rhythm of Sous le soleil, PJ, or the summer sagas, he became more and more passionate about French series over time. And today devours them (almost) all, from Balthazar to Scenes of households, passing by Hippocrates, Candice Renoir, Here everything begins.

Expected by fans for several months, the new credits of “Here everything begins” is finally here! Discover this revamped version which welcomes some newcomers including Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka).

Screenshot / TF1

With the approach of summer, TF1 has decided to give a nice gift to the fans of Here it all begins! Expected for many months, the new version of the credits of the series has finally been unveiled by the channel on social networks and will be on the air from this Monday, June 14 at 6.30 p.m.

If the visual and sound atmosphere, obviously always punctuated by the song of Gims “Until now everything is going well”, remains the same, some notable changes are sure to delight fans of the successful daily soap opera which recounts day after day the adventures of the students and teachers of the Auguste Armand culinary institute.

After a first change made at the beginning of the year, which had simply made it possible to withdraw Francis Huster following the death of his character, this third version introduces for the first time in the credits four key characters very appreciated by the fans. Namely Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo), Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka), Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt), and Louis (Fabian Wolfrom), who is one of those “bad guys” that we love to hate.

Apart from Pierre Hurel (Jérémy), who disappears from this summer credits of Here it all begins, all the other actors present in the previous versions are still there. Like Vanessa Demouy (Rose), Frédéric Diefenthal (Antoine), Elsa Lunghini (Clotilde), and Bruno Putzulu (Guillaume), who are now all four side by side. Or Terence Telle (Gaëtan) and Rébecca Benhamour (Célia), associated with Lucia Passaniti (Noémie) on the occasion of this new credits.

Finally, fans will not fail to appreciate the little nod to Maxime and his passion for the garden of the institute since Clément Rémiens, who continues to open the credits of Here it all begins, now appears in the vegetable garden, and no longer near the school dormitories.

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