Here it all begins: discover the new couple who will punctuate the next intrigues

After the departure of several characters, fans of “Here it all begins” will continue to discover new blood in the rest of the series. Including Ambre and Solal, a free couple that Célia will soon meet and who will shake her certainties.

The summer is definitely placed under the sign of new faces in Here everything begins. And a new couple, who will make their first screen appearances next week, are already promising to get a lot of attention.

In parallel with the departures of Jérémy (Pierre Hurel), Elodie, whose interpreter Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni confirmed on social networks that she was leaving the series, or even Vincent Gaissac (Flavio Parenti) and Alice ( Diane Robert), who will return to live in Paris to give their couple a chance, the writers seem in fact determined to introduce a lot of new blood into the culinary universe of the daily soap opera.

After François (Serge Hazanavicius) and Pierre Rigaut (Jean-Pierre Michaël), TF1 viewers recently discovered Joachim (Janis Abrikh), Marta’s big brother (Sarah Fitri). And will meet from Monday Stella Matret (Anaïs Parello), the sister of Noémie (Lucia Passaniti).

But that’s not all since the episode of Wednesday July 28 will mark the entry into Here Everything Begins with Solal (Benjamin Douba Paris) and Amber (Claire Romain), who should quickly become essential characters of the plot. .

In an extract of this episode unveiled in preview by TF1, Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) and her grandparents, who dine on the terrace in a gloomy atmosphere after Vincent’s departure, are surprised to see a taxi disembark which leaves this duo of new characters in front of their house.

The two young students have booked a guest room with the Gaissacs, but the problem is that Isabelle (Marina Moncade), Célia’s grandmother, has totally forgotten their reservation and has not prepared their room.

While waiting for this error to be repaired, Diego (Arsène Jiroyan) offers Ambre and Solal a drink, and Solal does not seem immune to Célia’s charm. While he is nevertheless in a relationship with Ambre. Should we see there the sign of a good dose of drama on the horizon? Not sure.

Here it all begins: discover the new couple who will punctuate the next intrigues

Screenshot / TF1

Indeed, according to the information unveiled a few weeks ago by Télé Star, Ambre and Solal are followers of free love. These two aspiring cooks are arriving in the region to prepare for the Auguste Armand Institute competition and will not leave some of their comrades indifferent, according to our colleagues. Starting with Célia?

According to the synopses of the next episodes of Here it all begins unveiled by the chain, Celia will first of all have difficulty believing in the free relationship of the two newcomers, with whom she will probably very quickly bond.

But this new way of relating will eventually “shake his certainties” and could even act as “attractive solution to forget Jérémy”. From there to thinking that Vincent’s daughter will not mourn the departure for Australia of her great love for a long time, there is only one step.

In any case, everything suggests that Amber and Solal will join the institute at the start of the school year and that their performers, Claire Romain and Benjamin Douba Paris, are preparing to join the cast of Here everything begins for an indefinite period.

Like other actors, including Tom Darmon, Gérard Darmon’s grandson, who will make his first screen appearance by September and who should also be one of the new first year students. Alongside Kelly (Axelle Dodier)? Case to follow.

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