Here it all begins: convinced that Greg is cheating on him, Eliott makes a radical decision! – News…

While Greg and Marius will be threatened by a crow in the next episodes of “Here it all begins”, their rapprochement and their secrets will push Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) to make a radical decision.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Summer promises to be more eventful than ever in Here it all starts. And while the National Pastry Championship promises to be the scene of a new intrigue with accents of thrillerthe threats against Greg (Mikael Mittelstadt) could well cause the end of her relationship with Eliott (Nicholas Anselmo).

While everything was going well at the Beaumont hotel, which hosts several high-level teams led by Teyssier, Noémie, or even Cardone, a trip to the sea was enough to change everything.

Convinced of having hit someone with Benoît Delobel’s boat, Greg and Marius (Damas Roy) ended up finding a piece of Alban’s kitchen jacket (Frank Libert) and figured they had definitely killed him.

A secret that the two young apprentice chefs may have intended to keep buried, but that a crow seems determined to dig up at all costs.

Indeed, in the next episodes of Here it all begins, the son Delobel and his childhood friend will begin to receive threats in the form of an inspirational SMS. remember last summer (“I know what you did, you’re going to pay”) or a supposed bloodstain found on Marius’ sheets.

Realizing that it is actually food coloring, Greg will begin to suspect Alban, who had promised to make Noémie’s life (Lucia Passaniti) hell and who has been missing since the beginning of the week. Could he have orchestrated all this to take revenge and cause the team of Chef Matret to lose?

Obviously, the two friends will initially decide to keep this whole story to themselves. And, to believe a new excerpt from Here it all begins unveiled in preview by TF1their anxiety and their fear will create a misunderstanding with Eliott who, annoyed by the rapprochement operated between his boyfriend and Marius, will come to the conclusion that Greg is cheating on him!

Here it all begins convinced that Greg is cheating on

“Where are you going? Aren’t you supposed to work?”Eliott asks Noémie’s two seconds in the extract in question. “Yes Yes”replies Greg, struggling to hide his stress and the urgency of the situation. “We’re looking for Chef Matret. Haven’t you seen her?”.

Worried, Eliott summons Greg to give him an explanation (“You look super fast. Greg, what’s going on here?”), and the latter then asks Marius to leave them alone for a moment. What Marius allows himself to retort “Okay but please don’t hang around”.

Once alone with his boyfriend, Eliott seeks answers and begins to film himself and imagine the worst. “What are you hiding from me? What were you two doing? You slept together? I don’t know, you come from the bedrooms, super stressed, as if you were afraid of getting caught. me. He already thinks he’s your boyfriend actually”.

Greg tries to reassure Eliott and swears to him that Marius is only a friend, but Eliott finds it hard to believe and convinces himself that Marius still has feelings for him.

Anxious and visibly in a hurry to find Noémie, Greg tries to make her understand that he doesn’t have time for such a discussion now. (“Eliott, we can talk about it as much as you want, but not here, I don’t have time”). Which does not fail to irritate Eliott who can no longer stand the behavior of her boyfriend since the beginning of the summer.

“Obviously, every time I ask you a question I get on your nerves. We can never talk. You’re always with him”. And while Greg reiterates that the moment is really not well found, Eliott decides to make a radical decision which could well upset the future of the darling couple of Here everything begins fans.

“If you don’t have 30 seconds to devote to your guy, we’ll make it very simple Greg. We’re taking a break, so I won’t bother you anymore”.

Do these few words, which sound like a clap of thunder at the very end of this unpublished extract, really mark the end of Greliott? Or will the discovery of the threats against Greg, as well as new disappearances to come at the Beaumont hotel, allow Eliott to see things more clearly and to understand that his boyfriend loves him and that he would never have risked jeopardizing their relationship by cheating on him with Marius?

Answer in the sequel to Here it all starts on TF1 and on Salto.