Here it all begins: “Constance was never really in love with Zacharie”, according to…

Here it all begins: "constance was never really in love with zacharie", according to...

Met during the Monte-Carlo festival, Sabine Perraud, the interpreter of Constance, confided in our microphone on the future of the Teyssier couple, the Constance-Zacharie friendship and what awaits her character in the sequel to “Here everything begins”.

Allociné: Constance and Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch) make a pretty fascinating couple. If Constance is a gentle, benevolent and empathetic woman, Teyssier is a tough and demanding man. Do you think it’s these differences that make Constance and Emmanuel a couple that works and seduces viewers so much?

Sabine Perraud : I think they are necessary to each other. Teyssier gives a lot of character to Constance. If she’s with a man like him, it’s because she’s got it under the hood. For her part, Constance gives humanity to Teyssier. For him to stay with a woman like that and for her to put up with him, he must necessarily have a good background hidden somewhere in him.

Constance is currently in the middle of a midlife crisis. The opportunity for viewers to discover it more rebellious and assertive. Did you enjoy playing this new facet of your character?

I loved ! I loved it because I think it speaks to a lot of women and men too. I saw it in the audience feedback. There are a lot of women who, having spent twenty years of their life raising children, working, leading a family life alongside everything else, one day find themselves with children who are less available because they grow up, leave and live their lives but also with a husband who is busy with his work or who pays less attention to them. As a result, they have time to think, to think about themselves, to question themselves and it’s dizzying. And then all of a sudden, they’re like, “What am I going to do with my life?” I think it speaks to the greatest number and that touched me a lot.

Constance is preparing to resume her studies to become an osteopath. Will she leave the institute or will she continue her nursing profession?

She will remain a part-time nurse. The whole deal was that she could continue to practice her nursing profession in parallel with her training. And why not then integrate his performance as an osteopath into the institute? [rires].

There was a beautiful friendship between Zacharie (Julien Alluguette) and Constance. Now that she has chosen Teyssier, what can we expect in the next episodes for these characters?

I do not know. Honestly, we haven’t been told anything yet. I’m very afraid that we don’t necessarily have the right to be together, even in friendship, because Teyssier has already accepted that Zacharie stays. Even if Constance has emancipated herself, I find that for the reconstruction of the couple, it would be inappropriate to continue a friendship with Zacharie. At least until things stabilize. Afterwards, I’m sad because I love Julien Alluguette who plays Zacharie. I would have loved to continue playing with him but we will see what the future holds.

Constance chose to give her marriage a second chance. Now more confident, what will be the new dynamic between Constance and Teyssier? Is this second chance the right one?

I think so ! These are people who never stopped loving each other. Besides, Constance was finally quite lucid about the fact that she still had feelings for her husband, that she was lost and that he was very stupid at that time. [rires]. She was never really in love with Zacharie. She had a very strong affection for him, especially because of the interest he showed her. In my opinion, it’s really the return of the honeymoon between Constance and Teyssier. It’s extremely beautiful because this couple, who had a small phase of falling out of love, love each other again as on the first day with more time and availability to live it. It’s super nice and it should continue. At first in a more carnal way then with a healthier balance in the authority of the family.

Constance is a character that we know little about. Can we hope to learn more about his past?

Honestly, I have no idea. So far, I haven’t been told about it, but it could happen. It turns out that there are a lot of us on the series and everyone has to have their moment. So it can’t always be centered on the same ones. I think Constance will be a little more discreet for a while so that everyone exists. However, perhaps in a second step, we could actually learn a little more about her, her family or other aspects of her person. It could be nice and I would like it anyway.

You played in Our boarding yearswhat memories do you have of this period?

An excellent memory. I experienced at that age what the young people of Here everything begins are currently experiencing. We filmed two months a year during the summer and we all stayed together. I was the oldest and was already the mother of the group. It’s funny, it’s something that has followed me all my life. I was a mom before being a mom. We were having a blast doing comedy-oriented things. It was completely crazy and on top of that we were making music which was pretty cool!

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