Here it all begins: Claire and Olivia finally kiss [SPOILERS]

Troubled by Olivia (Virginie Caliari) for a few days now, Claire (Catherine Marchal) will finally give in to her impulses in the next episodes of “Here everything begins” and will embrace her colleague. How will Olivia react?

Will Claire and Olivia soon have a beautiful and great love story in Here it all begins? Nothing is less certain, so much love complications are legion in this kind of soap operas. But Claire (Catherine Marchal), troubled by her friend and colleague for several days now, will in any case soon give in to her impulses and reveal her feelings to the chef Listrac (Virginie Caliari).

In an unpublished extract of the next episodes unveiled in preview by TF1, Claire and Olivia, who now live under the same roof, discuss the state of health of Lisandro (Agustin Galiana), who was obviously transported to the hospital, when Olivia ends up marveling at the behavior of the chef Guinot from his view.

“You start again. As soon as we speak for more than 5 minutes, you equives, you’re hyper distant”, says Olivia to Claire, with whom she has been friends for over 15 years. “Maybe we should stop beating around the bush. If it bothers you that I’m staying here, I understand, you need your privacy. But just tell me. (…) I can go, I don’t want to mess things up between us “.

But Claire swears that is not the case and that she is very happy that Olivia lives here, with Louis and her. Olivia then tries to understand what disturbs her and Claire, who is certainly fed up with keeping to herself what she feels, ends up kissing her. Olivia doesn’t really react, and the two women don’t have time to discuss what just happened as they are interrupted by Louis (Fabian Wolfrom).

So, how will things evolve between them after this first kiss much awaited by the fans of Here It All Begins? According to Newsactual, Olivia will confront Claire a little later in the day, during the episode broadcast this Thursday, June 17 on TF1, and the chef Guinot will admit to him feeling attraction for her.

Unfortunately, Claire’s feelings do not seem to be shared by Olivia since, upon returning home, Claire will discover that her friend has taken her things and left their improvised “roommate”. Chef Guinot, who opened her heart, will obviously blame it. But all hope of a story between them may not be lost.

After all, in the trailer visible above, we can witness another kiss between the two women, in the park of the institute. Everything therefore suggests that Olivia just needs a little time to reflect and admit to herself that she too has feelings for Claire. It remains to be seen whether Olivia and Claire will manage to build a real relationship and confess to Louis the truth about how they feel about each other.

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