Here it all begins: Axel’s future, the love triangle with Jasmine and Salomé… Thomas…

After a remarkable arrival in “Here everything begins”, Axel Teyssier seems determined to pass the entrance examination of the institute. Thomas Da Costa tells us more about the rest of the plot, the love triangle with Jasmine and Salomé, and his journey.

AlloCiné: What did you like about the character of Axel Teyssier when you passed the tests for the role of Emmanuel’s nephew in Here it all starts ?

Thomas DaCosta : Axel is a rather complex character, because he is both very endearing, he has second degree, he has a great sense of humor, and a lot of repartee too. But it also contrasts with something much darker, much more buried, especially in the relationship with his father and all the scenes that ensue. From my point of view as an actor, I find it very interesting to play.

Is the main challenge, with someone like Axel who is very sure of himself, finally to manage to make him a character who is not perceived as arrogant by the public?

I really focused my game on the energy and the second degree of the character. For me it is its facets that predominate. Of course, it’s true that he can have an arrogant side to the extent that he is quite sure of himself sometimes. And that’s what makes his relationship with his uncle quite unique, because he’s one of the rare characters capable of having such a strong response to Teyssier.

But, yes, I had in mind not to fall into something too arrogant, that’s for sure. Because I have the impression that Axel is quite far from that in the end. He is sure of himself, he knows what he wants. And he simply gives himself the means to get there. But it is never at the expense of others. Loyalty and fidelity are important values ​​for him.

Axel is your first television role. How did you experience your first steps in this adventure Here everything begins, which is a big machine?

What’s great is that the cast of Here it all begins is made up mostly of young actors, and that gives a super interesting energy to the series and to the filming. It’s cool to play with partners of your age, because we share a lot of things, and real friendships are created outside the sets.

Then, it is certain that a daily life like this is very interesting for a young actor like me because it is very formative. We shoot a lot, we have to be very efficient and very precise from the first takes.

Here it all begins: axel's future, the love triangle with jasmine and salomé... Thomas...

We already love the Axel-Emmanuel duo and the resulting energy. And we feel a real chemistry between Benjamin Baroch and you. Did it immediately match you on set?

Yes right now. But with everyone in fact. I was a little apprehensive because it was a real leap into the unknown for me. And I was immediately very well received by the whole team and by all the actors. And especially by Benjamin, it’s true, who sent me a message even before I arrived on set. He was great with me.

We took some time to meet with all the members of the Teyssier family. We all went to eat together before my first day of filming so it feels good, it makes you feel comfortable.

In the episodes that were broadcast last week on TF1, Philippe, Axel’s father, and Emmanuel finally agreed to give him a chance and let him pass the entrance exam for the institute. What can you say about what awaits your character in the Here It All Begins sequel?

Axel is a character with great ambition. He gives himself the means and the fact of having been fired from his father and having found himself with his uncle and his aunt, it is not a plan B, it is not a choice by default. It’s fueled by a real desire and a real passion for cooking.

It is true that he has just had the validation of his uncle who has accepted that he takes the competition. So that galvanizes Axel, who really sees Emmanuel as a mentor. It pushes him to work even harder and we will see him do everything to succeed in the competition at the start of the school year.

We imagine, however, that he will soon be confronted with obstacles…

Yes of course. He arrives in an institute where he did not enter like everyone else, passing a competition. He was placed, almost “imposed” by his uncle. And that will not please some students. Especially in Amber (Claire Romain), as we will see in the next episodes.

Here it all begins: axel's future, the love triangle with jasmine and salomé... Thomas...

We feel a real parallel with the plot of Kelly (Axelle Dodier), which we had also followed last year in its desire to pass the competition at all costs. But what is interesting is that, unlike Kelly who already had a very high level, Axel finally has everything to prove, he is expected at the turn…

Completely. It is sure that he starts from a little further than Kelly (laughs).

And you, precisely, is cooking also your thing in life?

I think I have an even worse cooking level than Axel (laughs). Yet I like to cook, I really like it, but I don’t have a lot of technique and strings to my bow at this level.

Still on the plot side, Axel caught Jasmine’s eye (Zoï Severin), who took it into his head to organize the institute’s first prom to get closer to him. What about your character? Is he also sensitive to Jasmine’s charm?

Axel gets along really well with Jasmine, that’s for sure. But Jasmine is really bitten, she will do a lot to get closer to him. Is it reciprocal? Not sure. For Axel, it may be something else…

On the occasion of the prom, Axel will get closer, for his part, to Salomé (Aurelie Pons). Are we going to witness the birth of a love triangle between Jasmine, Axel, and Salomé?

It is possible that we go on that, yes. In any case, Axel and Salomé will indeed share a moment during the ball. And this intrigue on Axel, Jasmine, and Salomé will continue in the weeks that will follow.

Here it all begins: axel's future, the love triangle with jasmine and salomé... Thomas...

How did the filming of this disaster episode prom?

It’s very different from what we usually shoot. Already, it is not the same place as the institute. And it was totally different. There were a lot of night scenes, sometimes until 1am or 2am.

And it was an opportunity to meet up with a lot of actors at the same time on the same set, and that was very pleasant. We are used to shooting on three different sets every day, with different teams, and the times when we all get together to shoot are still quite rare. So there we were able to share that all together.

There were a lot of extras too. It was quite impressive. And there were a lot of important technical external elements for the “catastrophe” side of this episode, and that too was quite impressive to shoot.

If Axel passes the entrance exam, he seems to be led to stay in Here it all begins. Did you know from the start that it was intended to be long-lasting?

Yeah, I knew Axel was a recurring character and I wasn’t joining the show for just a few weeks. But the plots are written as they go along, so we don’t really know what will happen in the months to come. All I know is that I’m engaged for a little while.

In parallel with the series, you released a single, “Avion Mode”, the clip of which is available on YouTube. Have you always wanted to make music?

I started with the trombone in conservatory. So nothing to do with rap. I did for ten years. And I’ve been rapping since 2016. And since last year I’ve taken it more seriously.

I was planning to leave a lot of room for rap in 2022, because I was in theater school before arriving on Here everything begins, I told myself that I was going to have time to develop this musical project. And things have changed a bit (laughs).

But so much the better because I’m really having fun on Here it all begins. And I always try to keep this place for the music, even if I have less time to do it at the moment. But I am preparing an EP which will be released at the end of 2022. And “Avion Mode” is the first title of this project.

“Avion Mode” is a song that speaks in particular about social networks, the addiction to likes, and by listening to it we necessarily weave a parallel with what you live with Here everything begins, which gives you strong exposure and popularity. growing, on the networks among others…

Yes, you can imagine that this parallel was not wanted at all (laughs). But it is a subject that interests me a lot and really touches me. The relationship to social networks, how we manage it. Whether we are famous or not.

When I wrote “Avion Mode”, I felt that it was a little beyond me without having, at the time, the growing popularity that I can know today to use your terms. It’s a very universal subject, and everyone has their own point of view on the matter, their personal experience of managing social networks.

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