Here it all begins: Aurélie Pons absent from the series during Dance with the stars? We have the …

Revealed by “Here everything begins”, in which she plays Salomé, Aurélie Pons will set foot on the floor of the new season of “Dance with the stars” tonight. Should fans of the TF1 soap opera prepare for the (momentary) departure of Salomé?

While Salomé and Maxime are currently in turmoil in Here everything begins, because of the infidelity of the character of Clément Rémiens with Ambre (Claire Romain), fans of the daily TF1 soap opera should they prepare to see Salomé leave the institute Auguste Armand for some time?

This is a rather legitimate question since Aurélie Pons, the interpreter of Salomé Dekens in Here everything begins, will make her debut tonight at 9:05 pm as a candidate in season 11 of Dance with the stars, alongside Lola Dubini , Gérémy Crédeville (In Family), or Tayc. After a first premium, broadcast last Friday, which had only presented half of the stars of this new edition, including Lucie Lucas (Clem) and Jean-Baptiste Maunier.

Dancing with the stars requiring a lot of training each week in order to best prepare the choreographies of the bonuses, will Aurélie Pons have to be temporarily absent from Here everything begins for the needs of the TF1 show? As was the case with Linda Hardy in 2019, who took a break from filming Tomorrow belongs to us to devote herself fully to the Dance with the stars adventure.

Or the young actress, revealed last year by the role of Salomé, will she on the contrary follow the example of her partner from Here it all begins Clément Rémiens, who had made round trips between Sète, where he was touring at the time Tomorrow belongs to us, and Paris every week during season 9 of Dancing with the stars, which he ended up winning alongside dancer Denitsa Ikonomova?

We asked Sarah Farahmand, the producer of Here everything begins, who revealed to us that it was this second option that had been chosen, as Aurélie Pons is an essential element of Here everything begins, which TF1 does not want happen, even for a few weeks.

Here it all begins Aurelie Pons absent from the series
Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

“Aurélie will continue to shoot Here everything starts in parallel”, Sarah Farahmand explained to us as part of the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival. “Salomé is one of the main characters in the series. And Aurélie is such a lovely person at work that we don’t want to do without it at all (laughs). And she brings a lot to the series”.

The production and the authors of Here everything begins have therefore quite simply arranged to lighten the schedule of Aurélie Pons, who will have fewer sequences to shoot each week, but will not therefore disappear from the air.

“We got organized, Aurélie will be a little less present on the screen”, continues the producer of the soap opera. “And we have a writing calibration which is different. She has fewer sequences per day, and above all we try to organize her days accordingly. For example, on such and such a day, we know that she is filming in the kitchen, settled, and we don’t have to put her on lots of different sets which complicate our task and weigh down her schedule because she also has to rehearse for Dancing with the Stars “.

You will understand, if Salomé will continue to appear on the screen in the coming weeks, since the episodes currently broadcast on TF1 were shot about two months ago, she will also be present in the episodes of Here it all starts from November, December, and January. Who will be boxed during Dance with the Stars. If Aurélie Pons manages to go very far in the competition. What we obviously wish him.