Here it all begins: “Antoine will react very badly” according to Vanessa Demouy

While Antoine abandons her, Rose goes through a difficult post-traumatic period and gets closer to Lisandro. Vanessa Demouy answered our questions about Rose, her state of mind and her connection to the other characters from Here It All Begins.

Allociné: After having lived almost two years in Sète in Demain ours belongs, Rose began a new chapter in her life at the Auguste Armand Institute. What conclusions do you draw from your first months in Here everything begins?

Vanessa Demouy: Great. It’s a crazy adventure. Being at the start of a project, whatever it is, is quite galvanizing. It’s great because we are attending a birth and all births are very emotional. It was a great bet, at the same time exciting, frightening and extraordinary. And it still is.

This is a new Rose that viewers were able to discover in Here It All Begins. She is more assertive, more in tune with herself and more fulfilled. How would you describe its development since Tomorrow belongs to us?

A whole lot of things happened in Rose’s life when she was in Sète. She lived, she fell, she got up, she learned, she got old too. That’s what is beautiful about getting old, it’s the experience it brings. She is a Rose with a few more years, more experience and life lessons too. After you learn them or you don’t learn them, but life is a very good teacher. As long as you don’t understand, she makes you redo the lessons. Rose must have learned her lessons well since she is evolving.

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Rose’s arrival in Here It All Begins was an opportunity to learn more about her family past. Even if nothing is yet settled between Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) and her sister, the tragic death of Augustus seems to have brought them slightly closer. Will they be able to reconcile and forge a real bond?

Even if they don’t get along, that bond exists. Fraternal bonds are as different and as numerous as there are individuals. They are both stuck in the traumas of their adolescence. They each lived on their own and in very different ways the tragic loss of their mother. When they meet again, they are almost strangers and no longer know each other. Clotilde does not know everything that her sister has gone through and Rose is very foreign to Clotilde’s life. They are missing fifteen years of life in fact. Little by little, they will inevitably come together and understand each other better. Will they become the best friends in the world? We will see but it will be like in life, there will be ups and downs.

If the relationship between Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) and Rose seemed solid until now, the explosion of the Institute plunged the couple into a crisis. Abandoned, Rose finds support and a certain comfort with Lisandro (Agustín Galiana). What do you think is the nature of their relationship now?

It’s very complicated because Lisandro is a real support for Rose. She’s someone who matters to her but maybe not in the same way that she matters to him. Rose is in the midst of post-traumatic shock and has been very good at playing games for years. She cannot bear to find herself in a situation of psychological weakness so she hides it. The only person who notices and really looks at her is Lisandro. She would have loved it to be Antoine but he leaves her at the worst possible time. It’s a very bad timing for the couple formed by Rose and Antoine. Obviously, as Rose is hiding what is happening, Antoine does not understand that the situation is serious for her but also for their couple. Suddenly someone looks at her and sees beyond her silences, her smiles and understands that she is not well. It is this non-verbal language that is important to her and that brings her very close to Lisandro. While many people at the Institute think that he is not a good person, Rose on the contrary sees the good in him. There is a connection and a discovery. Lisandro touches Rose a lot.

Here it all begins: "antoine will react very badly" according to vanessa demouy

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Will this bond she forges with Lisandro end up having an impact on her relationship with Antoine?

Lisandro will be accused of assaulting Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne). He’s going to let it go when he has an alibi, Rose. But in order not to endanger the couple she forms with Antoine, he will ask her not to say anything. As Lisandro risks being made redundant and losing custody of her son, Rose nevertheless goes to talk to Antoine because she cannot stand injustice. She will therefore tell Antoine that Lisandro cannot be guilty since he was in the greenhouse with her at that time. It’s a disaster because Antoine will obviously react very badly.

Lisandro is also living a special moment in his life as he seeks joint custody of his son. Finally, Rose is always present in stories that are related to children. With her usual empathy, she is always very present. Can we think that your character will once again be a support in this plot?

Rose is a very empathetic person, she doesn’t like to see people in pain. She has no children, it is the drama of her life. Injustice, especially when it affects young people, is something she cannot stand. Perhaps this brings her back to her own story. She takes out her banner and is ready to do anything to defend the things that seem right to her. From the moment she knows that a person is going through a situation of injustice, she goes into battle. This is all the ambiguity of Rose, she has an apparent fragility but at the same time, like many fragile people, she had to harden herself and learn to fight. She has this great fragility that gives her this extraordinary empathy but she also has this double hat with an extraordinary life force. It’s a phoenix.

You mentioned Rose’s post-traumatic shock following the explosion. On the other hand, his bipolarity is ultimately little mentioned in Here everything begins. Is this something the writers plan to explore again?

It’s still there, she talks about it from time to time. I believe that the authors wanted to show all these people who suffer and those who live with them that one can manage to have an almost normal life with a bipolarity supported with the right dosage of drugs. Except of course a particular accident such as an explosion where a fragility takes over.

Precisely, compared to the anxiety attacks she has following the explosion, will Rose manage to overcome her trauma?

She is very fragile but once again Rose is a phoenix. I think that’s what makes her so endearing to the public. This woman has so many flaws, so many flaws, she falls, she gets up, she suffers, she does bullshit and she assumes. She is very human because so much could be improved. I think a lot of women find themselves in this character and not just bipolar people.

What do you hope for the future of your character?

I hope he will have great encounters and experience wonderful emotions. I hope she will continue to live and feel things but I know our writers are not out of ideas.

Do you have any other projects outside of Here It All Begins that you can talk about?

Here everything begins is a very young project and as with all artistic projects, it must be given time to grow, to flourish and to be well rooted. It’s something that takes a lot of time and a lot of energy so for now I’m focusing on Here It All Begins.

Interview by telephone on February 3, 2021.

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