Here it all begins: Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) and Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) finally kiss!  - News Series on TV

Here it all begins: Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) and Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) finally kiss! – News Series on TV

After having turned around for several weeks, Anaïs and Lisandro will finally give in to their feelings in the next episodes of “Here everything begins”. Discover their first kiss in an extract unveiled in preview by TF1.

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Tonight in Here everything begins on TF1, Lisandro Inesta (Agustin Galiana) will be surprised to see a former colleague, Fanny (Anaïs Fabre), landed at Double A, with whom he lived a love story more than fifteen.

This new character will obviously arouse the jealousy of Anaïs (Julie Sassoust) and will create tensions between the second year student and his classroom teacher, who refuse to admit the feelings they have for one another. other.

But in an interview granted a few days ago to Télé Star, Julie Sassoust revealed that Anaïs was going “try everything for everything without thinking about the consequences”. And the actress had obviously not lied because TF1 has just unveiled an unreleased extract from an upcoming episode in which Anaïs and Lisandro finally end up kissing!

According to these images from Here Everything Begins available in preview, the arrival of Fanny, still very attracted by her ex, allowed Lisandro to realize his true feelings for Anaïs. What Fanny ended up understanding before leaving the Auguste Armand Institute.

Screenshot / TF1

“I ran into your friend Fanny. I know why she left”, admits in this unpublished extract to Lisandro an Anaïs who can no longer fight against her feelings. “She left because there was something between us and she realized it. She confirmed to me what I was feeling. It was not just in my head. (…) J was ready to give up, but if you too have feelings for me … “.

Lisandro then hastens to retort that he has never said he has feelings for her, but Anaïs knows that it is simply a posture. “You can’t say it, but I know it. It’s not just me.”, adds the young woman, getting dangerously close to Inesta. “I think about you all the time. I wonder what you do, who you talk to. I want to see you, to touch you”.

Now glued to her teacher, Anaïs places a brief kiss on his lips, before asking him: “Doesn’t that do that to you?”. And Lisandro, who can no longer pretend, answers “Yes” then passionately kisses Anaïs.

Is this finally the beginning of a beautiful love story between the two characters? And how will Enzo (Azize Diabate) react when he finds out the truth? Answer in the continuation of Here it all starts on TF1.

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