Here it all begins: “Anaïs is not at the end of her surprises”… Julie Sassoust reveals this…

How will Anaïs react in “Here it all begins” when she learns that David lied to her about Mathieu’s death? Julie Sassoust teases us with the confrontation between the two exes and the next twists that will upset Anaïs.

AlloCiné: In the episode ofHere it all starts broadcast Friday on TF1, Salomé discovered that David was responsible for the death of Mathieu. How will Anaïs react when she learns the truth?

Julie Sassoust : It’s going to be a little complicated, because Anaïs is going to be in the rush to open her restaurant with her whole brigade. And the further the story goes, the more chaos there will be in Anaïs’ life. She is totally overwhelmed by everything that is going on. And Salomé is going to have a lot of trouble telling her friend about David’s secret. But she will end up being pushed to tell him everything and Anaïs will be completely shocked.

She didn’t expect it at all. There’s going to be a brief moment where she’s going to wonder if it’s true or not. If David is really responsible for Mathieu’s death. But then she’s going to be at the peak of her worst emotional states. David is the only person she has left and she will realize that he is finally betraying her. It’s very violent.

Will all this jeopardize Anaïs’ pop-up restaurant project at the Pop Up? Or will the restaurant still come to fruition?

Anaïs will indeed find herself at the head of the ephemeral restaurant. She’s going to have to lead her brigade, but it’s very difficult with everything she’s going through and with Salomé’s announcement of David’s betrayal.

She will be totally disturbed by this news and will want to seek explanations, proofs. And unfortunately she will once again abandon her brigade because she cannot do otherwise. She must solve this mystery. She can no longer concentrate. And everything she did in the kitchen no longer makes sense because it all started with David.

Can we expect an ultimate confrontation with David? Will this be the climax of the plot?

There is going to be a very big confrontation between the two, yes. Anaïs won’t want to talk to David anymore. But she will try to find evidence. Salomé is going to tell him that there is a video that dates from the day of Mathieu’s death. And Anaïs will try to get her hands on it. And as the episodes progress, we will discover that the truth is actually very nuanced and that there are other explanations for the mystery of Mathieu’s death. Anaïs is not at the end of her surprises. She will still fall from above.

Will Anaïs emerge changed from all this?

Completely. She will come out of this whole story more peaceful, better in her sneakers. It had to come out at some point, for this abscess to be burst. I think she will end up getting something positive out of it, even if what she is going through is very painful. Putting all that aside hasn’t helped her all these years.

Will she be reconciled with Lisandro?

Maybe because in each ark there is always a problem between them and each time they manage to come out of it stronger. So we can hope (laughs). But I won’t say anything. But in any case, at first, she will already be reconciled with Salomé, who will be very present for her, both in the kitchen and in relation to everything that will happen with David. Salomé will really accompany her in the rest of this story.

Here it all begins Anais is not at the end

This storyline gave us a glimpse of Mathieu, Anaïs’ brother. Will we soon meet their parents?

I don’t think their arrival is scheduled at this time. In any case, they do not appear in this ark and I have no information on the parents of my character. For the moment she still has no parents (laughs).

This Monday, Here it all begins celebrates its 500th episode. These first two years passed very quickly?

Yes really. It’s a pretty crazy adventure, it happened very quickly. We salute this 500th episode, even if the episode itself remains a regular episode of the series. We really have to congratulate the team of writers because it is thanks to them that we are here. They have some great ideas and they do some pretty amazing work.

We have witnessed the arrival of quite a few new characters since the start of the school year, including Liam Hellmanwho plays David, and Livio, played by Corentin Pellis, who joined the Master. Is it nice to welcome new actors and a bit of new blood with each new season?

It’s super cute. It gives a whole new energy and it allows you not to rest on your achievements. Because we now all know each other very well, we have become a real family, and when new actors arrive we want to do everything to make them feel integrated. And I think it also pushes us to give the best of ourselves at all levels. It gives us another energy and we want to surpass ourselves even more. We want to do well and show that we are hard workers. So it’s definitely positive.

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What would you like for the rest of the series and for Anaïs’ future? A little more comedy perhaps?

I would love to have a little more comedy, that’s for sure. I had a bit of it during the summer ark, in a supporting role. I liked this little side where she came to poke around and arrange each other’s stories, it was quite funny. And I tell myself that it would be good to see it in a slightly more fun register following this very dramatic back-to-school arch.

I think the public wants that too, because at the beginning we said a lot about her that she was very serious, not very funny. I saw her a bit like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter (laughs). It’s a side of her that I like a lot, but going towards more comedy, I wouldn’t say no. And it’s being brought in more and more, even in what I’m shooting right now.

Do you have any upcoming projects outside of the series?

For now, I’m still focusing on Here it all begins, but I think that next year will be more fruitful in terms of projects because I’ve learned to surround myself better professionally. I think things will be different next year.

Would you like to participate in Dancing with the stars next year, as Clement Remiens, Aurelie Pons Where Thomas DaCosta right now ?

I think the show is really great. I salute all the candidates, and in particular Thomas Da Costa who is taking part this year. Making Here Everything Begins and Dancing with the Stars in parallel, it’s a huge job, it requires a lot of energy, it’s a super intense rhythm. We have to manage this fatigue.

Afterwards, we can never know too much until we have been asked the question and until we have asked it ourselves. But I think I would be quite stressed. Just in the public last year, my hands were sweaty for Aurélie, so I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was a candidate myself (laughs). I think that fictional projects, like a single or a mini-series, would be less stressful and already great. But I’m open to anything.

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