Here it all begins: an unexpected couple about to form?

This week in “Here everything begins”, the “engagement” plot begins at the Auguste Armand institute. If Charlène thought she was going to take a symbolic step with Louis, her parents’ revelations will call everything into question.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

After the “High competition” storyline which honored the final of the national pastry championship at the Beaumont hotel, a new narrative arc entitled “Engagement” begins this week in Here it all starts. It already promises to be overwhelming for Charlène Pola Petrenko) and Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) whose love affair appears to be in jeopardy.

In recent weeks, everything has succeeded in the flagship couple of the soap opera. Between the success of the Pop-Up and their Instagram account which is gaining subscribers, nothing seems to be able to disturb their happiness. Moreover, Charlène is so happy, that she proposed to her boyfriend to concretize their relationship by announcing their engagement.

After all, Louis was about to propose to her at the prom several weeks ago. However, the young woman is far from imagining that her father (Benjamin Baroch) formally forbade her boyfriend from repeating his request. It must be said that Teyssier did not appreciate that he had conspired behind his back with Chief Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot) and Chief Landiras (Julien Alluguette) to destroy his marriage to Constance (Sabine Perraud).

According to the teaser available on MYTF1, Emmanuel intends to do everything to prevent his daughter from getting engaged to Louis. Thus, as soon as he returns to the institute after his victory in the national pastry championship, he gives the young chef an ultimatum: either he renounces the engagement, or he tells his daughter the whole truth.

But Louis will not give in to the pressure of his stepfather, which will put his relationship in danger. If Teyssier will try to open Charlène’s eyes, it is Constance who will change everything by telling the truth to her daughter.

The new revelations from her parents will also lead Charlène to make a radical decision according to an exclusive extract also available on MYTF1. Indeed, the young woman will hasten to confront her boyfriend, even in front of the customers of the Pop-Up.

At first, Louis will try to reason with his girlfriend, but he is put up against the wall by Constance’s confidences. This time, it’s betrayal too much that will get the better of their couple, since Charlène will decide to leave him without giving him the opportunity to explain himself.

At the same time, students from the institute film the scene in the distance, which risks being seen by the whole school and ending up on social networks. One thing is certain, this “Engagement” plot will upset Charlène who was not expecting such a turnaround.

And the young woman could still fall from above, since at the end of the trailer, we can see Louis tenderly kissing Jasmine (Zoï Severin).

Here it all begins: an unexpected couple about to form?
Capture TF1

Louis kissing Jasmine in the trailer.

So, will Louis try to forget his separation in Jasmine’s arms? Will the couple finally emerge stronger from this intrigue? Will Charlene learn of her boyfriend’s deception? Answer in the next episodes ofHere it all starts.

Find Here it all starts Monday to Friday at 6:35 p.m. on TF1 and in replay or in advance on Salto.

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