Here it all begins: Ambre about to join the Circle? Claire’s secrets…

A little over a year after her arrival in “Here everything begins”, Claire Romain returns to our microphone on the evolution of Amber and tells us more about what awaits her in the next episodes. At the institute as in love.

AlloCiné: Amber has arrived in Here it all starts a little over a year ago, at the very end of the first season. What is your assessment of this past year in the series?

Claire Romain : A rather positive assessment. At the level of the character, there is a real evolution. Amber landed to defend her sister who had had a bad experience with Maxime. But she kept her values. She remained quite upright, quite frank. She knew how to defend Deva during the ark with Simony, for example. I really liked this plot. And I like this very straight side in Ambre.

And then, on a more personal level, Here it all begins is my first daily and I must admit that it is very formative. We learn a lot. Everyone gets along very well. It’s really nice to work in this environment. So yes, the balance sheet is positive.

The rhythm of shooting a daily, was it complicated at the start?

It was not easy at first, it must be said, because there is a lot of text to learn. We often shoot up to eight sequences a day. When you are used to doing two or three effective minutes a day and you go to fourteen, you have to hang on (laughs).

But, again, I find it very formative. We play with a lot of different actors. The directors change every two weeks, they are rotating teams. It’s too good. I recommend this experience to all young actors. And even to the oldest (laughs).

Amber is polyamorous and, in many ways, represents the modern young woman. Is it a point of pride for you as an actress?

Completely. She has a very committed, very determined and above all very free side. Whether in terms of his choices, his freedom of expression or even in his way of being. It’s good to be able to represent this kind of woman on television, and especially in a daily newspaper, which has a very large audience.

We talk about polyamory, which is a very modern theme, but which we were still not used to hearing. I think a lot of people identified with that concept, so that’s great.

What can you say about what awaits Amber in the next episodes?

We played the war a lot between the first and second years at the start of the school year, and here we will rather see them intertwine a little more and come together for a common project.

Is this the Circle?

Yes that’s it. As you can see, Vic discovered the existence of the Circle, and this intrigue will develop little by little. Amber will find herself involved in this story too. And we’re really going to explore the institute’s past. There are new characters, related to this plot, which will arrive. And what I can also say is that it’s all quite mystical.

Here it all begins Ambre about to join the Circle

Ambre lived a great love story with Solal. She then had a brief relationship with Tom, and we still feel a little torn between the two, even though their relationship is friendly today. What is your feeling about that?

I pretty much agree in the sense that her heart is still with those two people she lived with. On the one hand, there was her first real love affair with Solal. And then Tom with whom it was a little more furtive.

But despite this, I think there will be no backfire. I don’t think Amber will go back to either. She has created real friendships with them today and I don’t think there will be a progression of these relations on the love level.

So there is no romantic relationship on the horizon for Amber?

Well no, it’s also a bit surprising for someone polyamorous (laughs). But there might be a little something with some new characters…

We felt that Amber was not insensitive to Livio’s charm when the latter landed in the salt marshes…

Yes, it’s true. But since then I haven’t had any flirting scenes with Corentin Pellis. So we’ll see. We never know. Here everything begins always surprises us anyway. We’ll see what the authors have in store for me.

1666080287 851 Here it all begins Ambre about to join the Circle

Since the start of the school year, Ambre has been living with Salomé. Will their rivalry continue to be explored?

Since they share this roommate, it will more or less calm down. But Salomé still holds a bit of resentment over what Amber did to her at the very beginning. Which is a bit normal (laughs). I think it’s something that will remain somewhat constant, without necessarily being developed much by the authors. Clearly, they will not become best friends tomorrow.

Do you have any desires for the future of your character in the series?

What I really like, and what I find very interesting, is the fact that she is very free, especially in her way of speaking. She’s often one of the few who stands up to Teyssier, for example, I find that pretty cool. So I want us to continue on this register. And maybe she has someone too (laughs). Couldn’t be bad. She’s been alone for a long time.

With which actors from the series would you like to work more?

Before, I turned a little more with Lucien Belves, who plays Lionel, and that was pretty cool. He has something very natural, very fluid. It’s nice to have him as a partner, so I would love to have scenes together again. Afterwards, I still toured with a lot of people. Azize Diabate, Kathy Packianathan, Tom Darmon, Benjamin Douba Paris, Axelle Dodier, Nicholas Anselmo, Rebecca Benhamour when she was still on the show. And I inevitably forget some.

But I would say that I would like to tour a little more with the new ones in season 3. And with Thomas DaCostabecause Ambre and Axel hated each other at one point, so it could be very cool to play on that again or see how it develops.

Precisely, Thomas Da Costa is currently participating in Dancing with the stars. Do you support him in this adventure?

Completely, 100%. I went to see him on one of the primes, to show him that the whole Here Everything Begins team is there to support him. And frankly, I’m amazed by his level. In fact, we shot a music video together that will be released soon, in which we danced. So we had rehearsed quite a bit and the level wasn’t really there, let’s face it (laughs). And to have seen him do this tango on the first prime, I was shocked! In ten days, that’s it, the guy is on top.

Afterwards, it’s very intense, they do 5 hours of dancing a day, you have to hang on. Thomas sometimes goes back and forth during the day between Paris and Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze to shoot Here it all begins. And between the rehearsals, the bonuses, the interviews, and the series, it’s really super intense.

Interview during the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival.

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