Here it all begins: a year after his death, Auguste Armand at the center of a new intrigue -…

In the next episodes of “Here everything begins”, the first anniversary of Augustus’ death and a gift from Claire will plunge Louis back into his father’s past and provoke his anger. Before giving him the idea of ​​a new Machiavellian plan.

Please note, this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

A year after his shocking death, which surprised all fans of Here It All Begins, the ghost of Auguste Armand (Francis Huster) will come back to haunt Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) and the institute in an unexpected form for one new plot which will begin at the end of the week on TF1.

While Christmas Eve will be an opportunity for the heroes of the soap opera to find their loved ones, like Alex (Alexandre Brasseur), the father of Maxime (Clément Rémiens), parents of Salomé, Mehdi, and Greg , or even Joachim (Janis Abrikh), Marta’s brother, who will all be back during the episode of December 24, the holidays will also be synonymous with nostalgia, plunging into the past, and old wounds for Louis, Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini), and Rose (Vanessa Demouy).

According to Newsactual, in the next episodes of Here everything begins, the two sisters Armand will indeed try to take a step towards their half-brother on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Augustus. Clotilde and Rose will propose to Louis to join them to go to meditate on their father’s grave, and Rose will even invite the young man to spend New Years Eve with them, as a family.

A small “perfect family number” that Louis, still hurt by Clotilde’s behavior on the announcement of her family tie with Auguste, will find distressing. And if his reaction is so radical and so decided, it is because Louis is going to receive a gift from his mother who will make him go into a black anger.

To be forgiven for not being there for New Years Eve, Claire (Catherine Marchal), who is still in Japan, is going to have her son delivered a trunk that belonged to Augustus. First moved to find his father’s first star and his former Meilleur Ouvrier de France uniform there, Louis quickly becomes disillusioned when he realizes that he does not appear on any of the family photos in the trunk. For him, it is clear, he represented nothing in the eyes of Augustus.

Here it all begins: a year after his death, auguste armand at the center of a new intrigue -...

And it’s when he gets it into his head to burn all his father’s things that this new storyline of Here It All Begins will take an unexpected turn. Louis will find at the bottom of the trunk a notebook filled with unknown recipes imagined by Auguste Armand. Giving him an idea that will rekindle his desire for revenge and recognition. And his manipulative side.

The son of the chef Guinot will indeed appropriate the recipes of his late father in order to shine within the institute. And if we are to believe the synopses of the next episodes unveiled by TF1, everything suggests that he will use these recipes and his sudden culinary genius to convince Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) to let him represent the institute at the competition for the best cooking school in place of Maxime.

While Teyssier will be forced to publicly acknowledge Louis’ talent, Enzo (Azize Diabate) ‘s discovery of the mysterious notebook responsible for Louis’ latest shenanigans could turn everything upside down. And lead to a new war within the institute? With on one side Teyssier, Maxime, and Olivia, and on the other Louis and Claire, who will finally return to Calvières and try to protect his son.

So, will Louis achieve his ends? Or will he be unmasked in time? Answer in the continuation of Here it all starts on TF1 and Salto. But one thing is certain: the memory of Auguste Armand will not only bring happiness to those close to him at the end of the year.

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