Here it all begins: “A return is not planned”… Rebecca Benhamour (Célia) confirms her…

A few days after Celia’s departure for Paris, Rebecca Benhamour, her interpreter, confirmed yesterday in a video that she was indeed leaving “Here everything begins” after two years of adventure and that a return was “not scheduled for now.”

A little over a week ago Here it all startsCelia (Rebecca Benhamour) left Calvières to settle in Paris, where a new life awaited her as a chef at home after her departure from the Auguste Armand Institute on a whim, at the end of her second year of classes.

This twist, which came after a moving farewell between Célia and Théo (Khaled Alouach), was not a big surprise as long as the rumors of a departure of Rébecca Benhamour been going well since the beginning of June. And this following the publication on social networks of photos of a party at the end of filming during which the actors and the technical teams seemed to say goodbye to the young actress.

Met during the Monte-Carlo Festival a few weeks ago, Sarah Farahmanthe producer of Here it all begins, confirmed to our microphone that the interpreter of Célia was indeed going to be absent from the series for some time: “Rebecca is coming out of a big arch. She has a break behind indeed. She was very very present and we needed room for the others”.

But when asked about a lasting, even permanent, departure from Rebecca Benhamour, Sarah Farahmand’s response was clear: “No, there is no departure”.

Yet the truth looks somewhat different. Indeed, the 25-year-old actress herself put an end to the suspense yesterday and confirmed, during a question-and-answer session on the official Instagram account of Here it all begins, her departure from the daily soap opera of TF1 after two years. of adventure.

Here it all begins: "a return is not planned"... Rebecca benhamour (célia) confirms her...
Fabien Malot/ITC/TF1

“A return to Here it all begins is not planned”

Asked about a possible upcoming return in Here it all starts with a fan, Rebecca Benhamour has indeed replied: “For the moment it is not planned, there are other projects which are in progress”. Thus ending the hopes of viewers who thought they might find Célia in Calvières this fall.

Like others before her, Rebecca does not however close the door to a return since she adds, still on the official account of the series: “But maybe in a year, three years, ten years, a hundred years, I’ll be back”.

Be that as it may, her departure does not seem to be of the order of a break and the viewers of Here everything begins will have to get used to the idea that the future will be written without Célia within the Auguste Armand Institute. And that the sequence broadcast Monday evening on TF1, in which Theo called Célia in Paris, was certainly his last appearance on the soap opera for a long time.

The actress also ended with a nice message for the public who has been following her and supporting her since the beginning of this adventure: “Thank you very much for these two years where you gave me a lot of love, gave me a lot of support. Without you, I surely wouldn’t have been so present in the series. It’s thanks to you. I hope to see you again on other projects.

“I’ll always be so grateful. I’m going to miss talking to you less. But there’s a lot of great characters that are coming. And there’s also the characters that you’ve always known who are amazing. I’m giving you a big thumbs up. kisses. I send you lots of love”.

And if she turns the page Here it all begins after almost two years spent in the skin of Célia, Rebecca Benhamour is not unemployed since she appears in the credits of the next feature film by Michael Youn, BDEintended for Prime Video, and will also play a role in the TF1 series The Hikerswhat is currently doing Frederic Berthe.

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